*GBS* - group B Strep private test?

*GBS* - group B Strep private  test?

Hello dear ladies! I am 30 weeks pregnant now and planing to start to do lots of things for next few weeks: washing&ironing baby clothes and reusable nappies, pack my and babys hospital bag, buy first nappies (probably Bambo Nature) for the meconium poo, bottom creams, hair brush, nail scissors, etc.

Where I come from all pregnant women are offered free GBS test few weeks before - until going into labour as it's well known that it can negatively affect the baby. So if the test comes back positive then IV antibiotics (usually penicillin) is offered when the water breaks and during the labour. In UK this is not a usual practice (the tests) so I am planing to do it privately. Read that it costs around £35, but well worth it (read that NHS are very reluctant to do it (my midwife said that they don't do this test but if I'll do it privately and it will come positively approved then I'll be tested when I'll go into labour) and their tests apparently are not as sensitive as privately done ones).

So, I would love to hear from you who did it: in which week of pregnancy you ordered it (read that best 35-37 weeks) , what company services you used, and how satisfied you were about speed, communication etc.

Thanks in advance,

All best,x


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