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Too much walking?

I have strange feeling (twinge/a bit pain/uncomfortable) in my pelvic area after I had long walk in the park and few trips in london walking around. I feel going to the toilet sometimes too. Is this normal for 32weeks or I just had too much walking? 4 days of uncomfortable feeling now. Went and checked by the GP and she said it is braxton hicks. Do I need to get worried?

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Braxton Hicks are normal at this stage. It is the bodies way of rehearsing for the big event ahead and 8 more weeks. However I would start to scale back the intensity and left of the wall if it puts you in a great deal of distress. When you return home after each walk make sure that you properly hydrate yourself both during and after each walk. Begin to elevate your feet after each walk for at least 2 hours. NBF coming week you may start to feel Braxton Hicks contractions even while you are resting or simply watching TV. If the pain seem to continue consecutively an increase in intensity please immediately go to the emergency room.


Adrienne 112 ;:)

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Thank you so much adrienne x


You are very welcomed! May God continue to keep you in good health as you continue the mist amazing journey of your life! Stay in touch and please read up on the benefits of Red Rasberry tea."

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