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Natural birth following a 3a tear

Hi there,

I had a third degree (3a) tear two years ago with the birth of my first child. He was 8lb 5oz but long labour/pushing. My follow up appointment suggested a probable c-section for subsequent births, so I've assumed that would be the case for the last couple of years. I'm 13wks pregnant with second baby and the obstetrician I spoke to this week said the risk of the same/worse tearing was quite low (10% or so) and that a natural birth was very much an option. I had a very good recovery after the tear and no lasting issues. I was just wondering if anyone else has been in a similar situation and any advice would be gratefully received! (For info- we are leaning more towards a natural birth rather than section but do have concerns of a repeat!) thanks in advance!

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I'm actually in your same position had a 3a tear 16 months ago and 11 weeks pregnant. I've not seen the obstetrician yet but midwife said there no reason I should be able to have a normal delivery again. Bit worried but would rather have s normal delivery as c section comes with problems too


Hi- yes that's how I feel too. The planning aspect would be good, but recovery etc concerns me a bit. I keep thinking that if I don't tear this time then I would have had a section unnecessarily...and even if I do tear then it might actually not be that bad. Hope your appointment with the obstetrician goes well :) x

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