Hi.. I am 31 and pregnant for the frist ever..

My worry is the feelings of sadness and not willing to do even a little thing...I often cry .

I dont know hw to overcome this thing ..can some one plz help.


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  • Oh no. Sorry you are feeling like this. Don't keep it to yourself though, speak to your midwife or health visitor. My HV was so supportive when I had pnd. I don't know where I would be without her help. They will know how to support you. Are you in the first trimester? I found that I was really emotional during that time, both times round. Not sad but crying randomly at silly things! Even nice things. It passed along with the other symptoms!

  • Thanks Kelly for your kind reply..

    Yes it my first trimester...

    My GP told me not to book 1st oppointmen with midfie before first 8 weeks...

    I am worried wether should i wait for the completion of 8 weeks or try to see midwife before....

    I am in my 7th week right now.

  • Ah I see. I think that's just for routine appointments but if you need support you should be able to ask them for advice. If not then I agree with Dannii that the GP should offer help. Either way, speak to someone. You shouldn't feel like you are on your own.

  • Right...I am on it now...

  • Aww congratulations i know how you feel am 7 weeks +2days pregnant with my second though sigh.

    Just try remain positive and keep positive people around you it helps if your alone or iscolating yourself.

    Try speaking to someone whether professional or someone your close to i felt what your feeling with my first didnt help kus i pushed everyone away.

    I hope you feel better

  • Yeah dear you are right..

    All I am feeling was alone as I am away from home...

    But thanks to this place.... after talkig to all of you I felt strong..

  • Ahh Pathani emotions run extremely high and in early pregnancy I was the same. I agree with KellyTrip definitely speak with your midwife. I would also try and speak with GP again, as if they are telling you to wait until 8 week, they should be also there to support you.

    Also have you tried speaking with your Early pregnancy Unit at the hospital - they might be able to provide advice/contacts for you to talk to.

    Worth a try, and be please assured, we have all been emotional in our pregnancies, and whilst some more than others, my advice would be dont keep it to yourself.


  • Hi Danni...

    I will surely call my Med. Practice today and will ask for the guide line..

    Thanks alot for your help..

    Feeling relaxed after talking to you and kelly

  • I have found that this is a really great community of people here, all of whom have felt similar to each other. Dont feel like you have to do it alone.

    PS CONGRATULATIONS!!! you are growing a little person inside of you xxx

  • Yeah it is really a great place to share things.

    I hope that little person comes out all fine and healthy..

    Thanks again.

  • Hey just to say i felt similar at 6-7 weeks. It's a wanted pregnancy that I'm delighted by but my hormones and feelings PETRIFIED me for those weeks. I'm 10 weeks now and feeling much more positive so I hope this gives you some hope. I haven't seen a midwife yet either.

  • Hi jellybean...

    I know realize wnting a baby and having a baby are two very different things....

    I hope to feel better in comming weeks as you do..

    Wish you best of luck..


  • Hunny I'm sorry you feel this way. Being your first it's going to be worrying and nerve racking to begin with. If your in your first trimester that will be understandable as your body is just starting to reulter to all the changes and humours. Speak to your midwife Hun and get all the support you can. Good luck hun. Xx

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