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Hi all, hope you are all well! Just a quick question I had my first meeting with health visitor yesterday, and she mentioned that I should take Some vitamin d while breastfeeding, the only problem with this is I can't swallow tablets, I did start take pregnacare liquid for first couple of week when I found out I was pregnant but after 2 weeks taste started making me sick so I haven't taken any vitamins since. But I have found on Amazon a gummy vitamin d vitamin but it's 2000iu is this too much? Also it's D3 is this what I should be taking? Thanks for listening! X


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3 Replies

  • I take Vit D in liquid (one drop a day) also Holland and Barrett sells mouth spray version :)

    Good luck! :) x

  • Go on holiday in the sun! Plenty of Vitamin D.

    Had a quick look online. NHS choices suggests 10mcg daily for breast feeding women, this works out to 400units a day. So you could have a gummy a week which should (every 5 days precisely) do the job

  • Don't buy tablets from eBay! I use vitabiotics 1000iu 96 tablets for £5.10 Asda. I have them even when not pregnant as I have low vitamin D levels (I'm half Asian). If you are white skinned you may overdose as this level and cause kidney damage. Ask your Dr for vit D blood test and ask what dose you should have. I think 2000iu is far too much for anyone!

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