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What to do with a 6 week old

Hey my baby girl is 6 weeks and started to stay awake more in the day she has one feed usually at night and feeds every 2-3 hours during the day but she is awake for about 30-60 mins after a feed and want to make her time awake really good, she isn't fond of being on her tummy unless it's on me, she has a playmat and doesn't take much notice of it and cries after ten mins or so, she has rattles, toys and stuff and doesn't really take notice the only thing she seems to since is the computer as I watch YouTube on it through some speakers lol and she sits and watches it with me but feel I should be interacting with her more

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Find a song that she likes. Get up and sing and dance to the song with your baby. Do education stuff about animals or colours its never to young to start. Read her stories- she will love the sound of your voice and bold bright pictures. Gently splashing water at bath time. Do you have a sure start centre near you? They do free baby groups. There's loads of stuff just use your imagination.

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She's only 6 weeks old. They are often sleepy and not very interactive at this age. Don't be too harsh on yourself x


Start centre and baby groups is an idea but at 6 weeks they don't really get wants going on around them too. Short time on tummy time is a good idea though, v few like it, but you just do it for a few mins. It will strengthen then muscles. As for toys, it's a bit too early as they can't really grab on to things yet


Hi Charlotte

My baby is six weeks old too and we are just figuring out what to do during the days.

Just interacting with her, talking to her when she is on the matt and starts to get restless (or turning her round for a different perspective) makes a difference.

Singing, dancing, going for little walks are great things to do. even if just round the house or garden, telling them what you're doing. I like to turn some of my music on and dance with her, as well as nursery rhymes and things. There is probably a local music group you can go to which is for babies specifically.

The Baby Centre has great suggestions for different activities to help baby learn and develop.

Ive tried a couple of these and they are great - some feel a bit too much! If you're interacting with baby that is the important thing.

It's such a change of pace, and my sisters assure me that the crying after about twenty mins is normal. They're still getting used to the world, and that's the only way they have of communicating that they are ready to do something else now.

Good luck!


Also just to say, the change in the last six weeks, from sitting and cuddling being enough is quite a shock and takes getting used to, the need for interaction. I find that making the most of the short spurts when she is happy on her own to do something for me helps. And meeting a friend for coffee or lunch a day or so a week is great, keeps me sane - someone else cuddling her and keeping her entertained and having conversation with me too!


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