Migraines and pregnancy

Hi everyone.

Just wondering if any of you lovely people have suffered with migraines when pregnant?

I'm having super bad ones, and before been pregnant never even got head aches.

Paracetamol don't do anything, bright lights and loud noises make them worse. I've seen a hospital doctor who prescribed me some aspirin which also doesn't ease the pain.

The migraines are takin over my life, and literally knock me sick. Has anyone got any suggestions?


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Poor thing! Migraines can be so debilitating :( I am a sufferer for past 8 years (on and off) so my story is different than yours - since I fell pregnant I only had 2 bad ones and one milder (each lasting 48h- no eating/drinking/pills as I vomit everything straight away, trying to stay in dark, quiet, cold room and sleep until they are gone. Once I feel they are leaving: I was sipping on lucosade as suggested by doctor (to bring my sugars up) however, sometimes vomited that as well. I have not found a cure for mine yet and I think that pregnancy is affecting our hormones production, what could be blamed for your migraines, where's my body quite like this much hormones as usually I suffered from migraines much more than now being pregnant (dreading what will happen to me after birth as usually women who has less migraines during pregnancy has got one banging big for a week or so not long after giving birth (mines are so bad that I wonder how will I be able to look after baby if it will strike me)

As we are not suggested to have anything more than Paracetamol - only thing is to wait till they pass.

My 2 bad ones were when I still suffered from nausea and vimitting (till week 16), so hopefully your ones will bugger off soon as well!

I would suggest to stay hydrated (if you can - I could not when I was nauseas from water 💦) sometimes if I feel migraine coming - I take a pinch of salt and some water and it seamto be working as in the morning I wake up with no migraine.

Good luck!x


Thank you. Oh I really feel for you! I couldn't imagain living my life like this. I feel like such a drama queen when they come on but I just want everyone to leave me alone and sit in bed! Sometimes I can't keep anything down not even water, other times I can eat and drink there all different.

However the pain is just as bad on them all.

Cold flannel over my face, paracetamol and sleep in dark room is what I've been doing but seems pointless. I'm seeing my midwife again Thursday so I may speak to her again then! I don't want them to give me anything stronger that could harm the baby tho xxx


Hi, I hope they ease off a little for you. Make sure you check out pre-eclampsia symptoms and you don't have anything else on that symptom list as migraines is included along with other things. However I get them occasionally and have since a kid they are absolutely horrible! I haven't had that many this pregnancy but I have in previous ones and although it isn't recommended I did have to take as a very last resort ibuprofen. I know it's not recommended in pregnancy but if it's to the point you are in agony and can't function and are also being sick then that's worse for you and the baby x

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