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Brown Bleeding in early pregnancy


I may seem paranoid over nothing,

I think that I am pregnant (as I have shown the signs of pregnancy) and I am taking a test tomorrow as it would've then been either two or three weeks (depending when I conceived) and I get paid so can afford it tomorrow. I went to the toilet tonight and I'm bleeding dark brown blood heavily (like a period but dark brown instead of red) I am 17 and never bled dark brown before. Can someone help me or advice me please as I am worrying and panicking as I had two miscarriages last year at around the 2-3 week mark. Any information/ advice would be greatly appreciated as soon as.


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Could it be a weird period? The only way really is to get a pregnancy test... You can get cheap ones for a pound... Ask baby's dad to contribute?

I'm just wondering how you knew you were pregnant at 2-3 weeks (is that date from period or conception?) as a pregnancy test would not be positive yet if calculated from the last period (which is how it is calculated by midwife/doctor).

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You can get cheap pregnancy tests from pound shop or home bargains or BM stores. Late periods can sometimes be brown or darker than usual. A miscarriage usually start with light spotting. Good luck.


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