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Vomiting and delayed milestones


My daughter was born at 37 weeks by c section weighting 3kg.she reached to 120 ml bottle feed till 2 months of age and 5 kg.after that she has been vomiting till now.now she is 7 months old and 6.8 kg.she holds up her head but not properly,not pushes her feet down when place her in my lap,maximum intake is 90 ml formula milk at a time,daily intake is not more than 450 ml.doctors treated her with antibiotics and domperdone etc.

No blockage in GI,ultrasound and x ray barium are ok.

Really worried about her,i think she would be better when able to sit up.

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Is she being assessed by a paediatrician? Not being able to sit up at 7 months can be normal but I would expect she would have good head control by now.

Will she sit up in a supported seat or is head control not good enough for that? Have they discussed weaning with you?

Her weight is actually not far off from what it should be works out around 25 centile on a growth chart.

Unfortunately sometimes a cause isn't always found, but you should be getting some support from a community paediatrician team from delayed milestones too. If this isn't happening try to speak to your gp so they can look into it.

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I took her to child specialist at 6 months of age bcaz gp has said her head size is at lower percentilr,child specialist checked her completely and her head was 40.5 cm at that time,now 41...

She is active in communication with us but not physically active enough...

When i pick her on my arm must need other hand to support her body,she lifts her head for few seconds and then tilted farward.

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Are you stilL in touch with the paediatrician? Are you UK based, if so health visitors are normally good with developmental milestones so I'd definitely get in touch with them. If you are still In touch with the paediatrician voice your concerns of you aren't in touch then ask gp to send you again. If don't understand something you have every right to ask for it to be explained again. As I explained in the previous post at 7 months the head control should be very good. So if there's a concern that there is a delay in milestones you shouldn't be left alone to it but you should have some kind of follow up and plan.


Hi, you need to nag and nag them which shouldn't be the way but sadly it is. As a mum trust your instincts. I remember telling my health visitor when my son was a baby that his eye contact was not good very early on and she rubbished it. I already had a child and I know they don't come along and look you in the eye straight away but he used to look around beyond me and go into trances and I knew something wasn't right. He was later not until around 3 diagnosed with Aspergers and then later ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). He is high functioning autistic so really intelligent but has loads of physical issues going on and has had bowel problems since birth.

My other son after him was very bright but regressed within weeks of his MMR he now has severe autism so there was a genetic thing going on for my kids as I was undiagnosed hypothyroid whilst carrying them. I think my younger sons immune system was compromised and that injection he just couldn't handle. But I can pinpoint his regression developmentally to that.

Push them to listen. I know it isn't right and you shouldn't have to but do it. Buy a note book and write down every time you have spoken to a health professional about concerns, times, dates when it was. What you were told. She really should still be seeing a paediatric doctor. Is she formula fed? I am wondering if anyone has looked into her maybe having an intolerance as that is an autoimmune disease if she is and can cause problems if not recognised early. At 7 months she should be supporting her own head and sitting up at least if propped up. I think it was around 6-7 with ours but they were all slow walkers around 16 months plus. Do not let them make you feel as if you are wasting their time because they would even try that now with me. You just want it looked into further and it should be x

misswinky34 in reply to Hidden

Hello Katiekatie,

This is stressing me out with mmr

My blood cousin was fine before mmr

As you know I'm hypothyroid too. I'm considering not vaccinating as I'm more worried about Him because of how badly he reacted to his first set of jabs.

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Don't stress about it. There are clinics that do the jabs individually and I am going to do this for this baby. They are private and you have to pay and they also no longer do the mumps one anymore but I am going to get this baby immunised against the other two things as separate injections. X

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This is the one I am going to be using. I don't know where you are in the uk but there are a few clinics that do them but whatever you decide it has to be your decision as parents. I know people who didn't get any and their kids have never been ill but I also know people who got all the vaccines and their child never had any reaction to anything.


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