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12 week scan scare

So I had my 12 week scan today. It was great to see bean on the screen. Though it turns out I am actually 16 weeks...not 12.

The heartbeat was strong....but they found an anomalyon beans bladder. Like a cyst. I'm going in for another scan on Thursday with a specialist so hopefully will get more answers then.

Haso anyone else had this or anything similar? Me and the Mr are really worrying about what it could be and if it's a danger to bean


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i have had anomoly scans for placenta issues and they thought that baby at 34 weeks was expressing too much liquid, they do like to worry you, i was sick for a week with stress, she turned out absolutely fine the scans can not always give them a clear picture of whats going on so they probably just need to investigate it to ensure it wont cause further problems hope this helps xx


I work in the NHS and I think your comment "they do like to worry you" is quite uncalled for and unfair. They are doing th investigations giving you the result. I doubt many people would appreciate if a potential problem is found and you're not adviced about it. They're doing their job and not doing it for the fun of worrying patients.


Well in my opinion when I had my issues they told me it could be a number of serious issues and turned out to be nothing in some cases it can be something but I didn't need to be worried by a consultant telling me what it could potentially be, it was a matter of opinion not a matter of whether they're doing there jobs for the fun of it and hats off to you for working in the NHS, I know a few people who do


you used the words "they like to worry you" Nobody likes giving bad news. That might be an opinion of yours but it's still a horrible thing to say and very judgemental, and most unlikely untrue in the vast majority of cases.

I had low fluid at around 35 weeks which can mean serious issues just like high fluid. When I got rescanned it was normal ... I just thanked my lucky stars it was normal, never at any point in time did I think someone was being cruel trying to worry me. If it did turn out to be something serious i wouldn't have been happy but at least they would have picked it up and be able to monitor/treat it appropriately.


I appreciate the replies but doesn't need to become an argument. I just wanted to know if anyone had similar

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I'm sorry for hijacking your post, hit a sore spot. Hopefully the cyst will turn out to be nothing!


It doesn't need to go any further I respect your opinion and your should respect mine, it wasn't anything against the NHS they worried me sick when they could have just said we will see you again next week or something due to your fluid levels etc, if it came across as not nice then apologies


On our 20 week scan baby's tummy measured small ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So doctor asked me to wait until I'll get called in again for another scan with another doctor - that made me worried... luckily later on baby's tummy has filled with fluids and measurements were fine.

On 26 week scan the baby's head was the size of 2 weeks ahead baby and tummy like 2+ weeks behind. Again - worried a bit but that's what we mums do - we want to make sure baby is doing good and when we hear that something is a bit unclear or the doctors are unsure: we worry. I read that in "1 in 3 deliveries" the cord is wrapped around babys neck but often doctors don't say anything at that point (as they easily slip it over baby's head with no complications) as that would worry mum and actually it's nothing too serious.

So everything is fine- doctors do their job and if there's uncertainty they inform us and we get worried (action ---> reaction model)

Amazing that your little bean is 4+ older than initiated! I hope the cyst will clear up by itself in no time! x

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