Feeling very pregnant.

I've not had a period since end of Aug last year.

I've not had regular periods for 4 years.

A couple of weeks ago I started feeling movement in my belly.

I don't use contraception, I'm happily married and we don't want to use anything.

Anyway, I did 5-6 home tests All said negative.

HCG levels were 2 so they were negative too.

But I can feel these movements night and day although mostly at night.

If I put my hands on my belly I can feel what feels like a baby.

Spread across my abdomen, sometimes it's further up one side and sometimes further up the other side.

My dr said she could feel anything which I was mortified at because I've had others feel exactly what I can.

I'm a big lady at 19 stone so I'm guessing if there was a baby it could well and truly be hidden in my padding ha.

My dr has sent a referral for a scan but said it could take 8-10 weeks.

I've heard of woman going entire pregnancies without knowing.

Especially larger ladies.

I can't afford a private scan for a few weeks just to check and see if there is a baby.

It's driving me insane.

I have other children so I know what it feels like to be carrying a child.

I just don't know what's going on.

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Wow that is weird me personally I'd go to a&e if u don't want to wait that long tell them ur having weird movement in ur stomach and don't no what it is etc thought it was pregnancy came back negative seen doc they don't no n can't check for ten weeks but ur scared incase it's something medical that requires urgent attention worth seeing if they will check make out like ur panicked

Thank you for your reply.

I told my doctor I could feel movement and she offered me no explanation or for the fact I can express milk.

She got rather short with me and I left abruptly.

She said if don't have periods how can I expect to get pregnant.

Think I need a change of dr.

She had zero compassion.

I am 37 weeks pregnant not had a actual period since being off depo two years ago had a small spotting like I'd cut myself shaving and that wasn't every month it was once every other.month nothing regular wouldn't have even noticed it half the time if I didn't do the washing as was so light so I must be virgin.mary or something lol

Hi Annie

Drs say such idiotic things sometimes.

I've heard of many ladies getting pregnant without periods.

Think my dr was just getting shirty with me because she said it must be a hormone imbalance but she checked all my hormones at Christmas.

No care or compassion from her, just wanted me out the room quickly. 🙈

If your last period was in august that means you would be really far on and at least 33 weeks. Mine was in July last year and I am 37 weeks and going in for a Caesarian next week. You need to find out asap. Are there any scan centres that do it fairly cheap? I got one for around 80 pounds they were called baby bond.

Hi Katie

There is some around where I live in Manchester but I really can't afford one till next month.

Even my husbands felt it and family.

He's busy working and doesn't quite understand how tests can be negative.

I only have around 2 periods a year.

My last being August last year.

My dr won't do anything sooner as tests have been negative.

So I'm really stuck right now.

I have 6 children already so I know the feeling of pregnancy ect.

I am sure you do! This is my 4th so you do just know. I would trust your instincts. I've heard it's possible it's just rare I think. Only other way would to be to fake something and go to A&E. Severe stomach pain or something. Not that I condone that but it's pretty important if you are pregnant that you find out soon for the babies and your health. Last thing you need is to find out you were right all along once you are in labour. Hope you get an answer soon x

I think the dr thought I was deluded and blaming being overweight on being pregnant.

But that doesn't change what I feel inside my belly.

And I can feel round the shape of something inside.

I tried to use a doppler but couldn't get the hang of it and I've read lots about them being hard to use if you plus size.

Drs know it's possible for babies to go undetected so they shouldn't be quick to dismiss situations like mine.

I feel like I'm going crazy and very alone right now.

It must be so frustrating! Can you by any chance find a midwife drop in centre say at at children's centre and explain to them they may be willing to do a Doppler thingy on you? I have a Doppler and couldn't find anything. I've not used it for months. It's difficult to locate the heartbeat and may be that the baby is lying far back or or in a bizarre position. Of course it's possible if you haven't had a period for so long. They should check it out asap at least x

I don't think we have one of them round here.

I phoned the birthing centre and spoke to a midwife and even she was dismissive.

She said nobody will do anything without a positive test.

Im panicking because my last 3 children came 6-7 weeks prem.

When I tried the doppler I could hear moving around.

Like you do when your baby moves.

I could hear a heartbeat along the Pubic line but I read on pages that was probably my own.

I'm just going to have to wait it out till payday in a few weeks and go private x

I hope you get answers soon what a nightmare. Well not a nightmare being pregnant just a nightmare being in limbo not knowing either way x

Me too.

Thank you for replying.

It's been nice having someone to talk too. X

Pleasure x

Hey Hammy,

Can you not just pretend and say you've had a positive test? I didn't take one in front of the doctor or midwife I just said I'd had one and it was positive.

Does sound like an incredibly frustrating position to be in, I'm 35 weeks with my first and baby movements is definitely something you can't imagine! It's very obvious especially at where you might be in your pregnancy!

Are you North or south manchester? My friend was with Wythenshawe for her baby and I think they were just a bit dismissive in general, where as I'm out in the sticks in Cheshire and have had wonderful care.

Good luck! X

This can cause by hormone imbalance, don't think you would be expressing milk already... I had a similar problem like that and it was just in my head and if u were pregnant fr last August, you would be looking to give birth soon so you would be feeling more than movements... you should go to A&E, they would do a scan there.

I could get milk from around 20+ weeks with all my children.

I had some tests end of last year to see if I had anything wrong to with my hormones and thyroids ect due to something else and everything came back fine.

very much doubt it's all in my head as I can

actually feel what appears to be a baby, my husband can feel it and so can two of my friends.

If I didn't think there was actually something in there I wouldn't be on here making myself sound foolish.

I am thinking about going to the hospital as for obvious reasons I need to know as like you said if I conceived in August I'd be due soon.

As I only have 2 ish periods a year so it would be extremely hard to pin point conception.

I know how unusual this seems but I really do think something is in there.

My last period was due the end of July, beginning of august I think and I am 37 weeks so you will only be a few weeks behind me! But then again you could have conceived a lot later. I go into hospital this Sunday as due to deliver her on Tuesday by cesearan so you really do need to get them to listen. I know you have tried. I would take yourself off to hospital. To hell with what they think, you and the baby are important x

Go to a local hospital and asked to be see that you feel something in your belly that's moving - I'm praying for you sweet mother. God bless you.

I can't help with advice or anything but I just had to say that this sounds like the most frustrating situation! It's seriously annoying that the only way you will know for sure right now is if you give birth or a medical professional listens to you! It's actually quite scary that you could have a nearly full term baby but no one is willing to scan to confirm. Like you say, you have 6 children already. If you hadn't had any before then I could understand them being a bit sceptical but you know what being pregnant or not being pregnant is like! Good luck!!

Thank you Kelly.

I'll be booking in for a private scan in two weeks.

It's going to be the longest two weeks of my life.

I lie awake at night with both hands on my tummy and I feel movement and even feel pointy things sticking out like when your baby sticks a foot or elbow ect out.

I can literally feel round what appears to be a baby.

My husband and family have all done the same.

It really does make me feel like I'm going crazy.

I'd go to the hospital and seek an ultrasound there but I feel like I'd be abusing the service.

My last 3 children were all prem so I'm getting extremely worried.

Don't be silly, dear Hammy - you and hubby pay taxes which are used by NHS to check if you're ok. And this sounds serious case enough to be properly checked out (it's not like you want to have a scan just to know baby's gender). Agree with other ladies - go to A&E and tell them that you have severe pain in lower abdomen, bloating kind of sensation (or something like that) and can they do a scan to rule out serious illnesses.

Good luck, and hope soon you'll put your mind at ease once you'll know what's going on!x

Yes I can imagine it will be!! Awww. I remember that, you can't really deny that feeling, it's not like anything else!

I don't think it would be abusing the system at all!!! The opposite. You are entitled to a scan the same as anyone else and if you have to get one that way then tough! The sooner the better as.like you say, you have had premature babies.

Kelly is 100% right! If your pregnancy test showed that you are pregnant you would have had 2 scans already- so green light from all of us: just go for it!x

You can try go to hospital but I doubt you'll get an ultrasound that route. In A&e they'll check your urine/blood pregnancy test. If it's positive no problem you'll get referred on if negative they'll ask you to see your gp for a routine ultrasound. They normally won't scan you in A&e even if you have a positive test, because they are not trained to do "baby" scans.

If you lie about your symptoms that could a possibility but not necessarily as it depends on your examination and tests. Not every person with abdominal pain gets admitted. Of course if you think you are pregnant make sure you avoid having X-rays

Of course the choice is yours in the end. Let us know how you get on

Look on wowcher or Groupon for baby scans they normally do them for around thirty pound on there for a basic 2D scan hun x if not go to a&e let's face it they deal with idiot drunks every weekend who waste there time so doubt u would be wasting there time compared to them.

Any progress?! X

Hi Kelly,

I have appointment on the 27th for a abdominal scan xx

Oh very good. I have been wondering if you had managed to get anywhere yet!! X

Any news? x

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