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Can I ask when did your FIRST babies start moving around in the womb...?

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I dont know if it is just me, or whether the gaps between appointments feel gargantuous. My scan was 9th March, which feels like AGES ago, and my midwife appointment isnt until 4th April, which feels like AGES away.

So many women say pregnancy flies by, but right now I am stuck in the limbo phase of knowing my 1st scan was okay; and either my midwife appt or my baby starting to kick... This is torturous! :( (and by torturous, I mean the waiting bit... not the exciting, omg I am growing a baby inside of me bit)

Can I ask when did your FIRST babies start moving around...?


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I am a bigger girl with a anterior placenta, I didn't feel baby move until about week 20 and then it wasn't proper kicks it was like a butterfly flying around belly, i felt kicks at week 22. Hope this helps x

Hiya, I'm quite slim and had a posterior placenta and I didn't feel any movement until 22 weeks. Then she was non stop and is the same outside of the womb now too! :) x

I am size 10. On our 12 week scan placenta was posterior, however it moved to fron left on week 20 scan and in week 26 scan it was front right (not sure if it's just my placenta that's moving about) however, first "flutters" came at week 16, and kicks at week 17.

However, don't measure yourself to others as we are so different and babies are so different. Recently I spoke to my sister in law who has 4 months old healthy baby girl and she nearly never felt baby move. My brother felt baby move only few times where as my partner feels and sees our baby move few times a day.

Be patient ;) x

My first baby I felt flutters at 17 weeks but no kicks till 24 weeks and I no its annoying you don't see midwife as much these days but to be honest I'm in my last three weeks of pregnancy n enjoy not having to trail to docs constantly lol

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Yes with my first I saw the midwife almost weekly and she took bloods at every appointment. I used to absolutely dread it but that was nearly 13 years ago now x

I felt this baby at 14 weeks and then it went for a few weeks then felt her again at 16 weeks. I think it depends on lots but I always have a posterior placenta which helps. Also this being my 4th I am more aware of what the sensations are. I think with my first it was 18 weeks x

I am trying to remember my first but pretty sure I felt flutters from around 17 weeks but not regularly. I didn't get kicks until later 20s. This time round I started feeling flutters at about 15 weeks. I know what yoy mean about the time between appointments. My 16 weeks appointment is this week when I am 17 plus 2 lol.

I am 22 weeks pregnant and I have only started to feel my little girls kicks this week. I started to feel some fluttering and wriggling about 2 weeks ago but every pregnancy is different so don't panic yourself too much (although I must admit I had some similar feelings to you) :)

I could have written this post myself haha! I'm 16 weeks and don't have an appointment till 4th April to see my Midwife to hear babies heartbeat for the first time, by the time this appointment comes around it will have been 6 weeks since i saw anyone. I feel like it's taking an eternity to feel any movements from baby and for the appointments to come around to give me some reassurance that the little bean is doing okay.

I just cannot wait to feel those first movements to bond more with my baby x

I was convinced it was an actual movement at about 20 weeks with my baby (first). It varies greatly between people. And even then movements weren't regular until later. The reassuring thing is not that first trimester is past and that tends to be the more risky in terms of miscarriage. The risk is significantly less after

I am a bigger girl-especially around my stomach- but felt baby moving around 17 weeks which I have been told is very early, and proper kicks around 20 weeks. I have been off work very ill with the pregnancy though so I could have just noticed earlier than if I was busy all day at work

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I am the same - I was feeling nauseous a lot so I spent most days doing nothing (in pj's in bed trying to sleep so I would not need to think of how bad I feel) so I had much more time to observe myself than if I was busy.

Hia, I didn't feel my son until about 22 weeks (was a size 10 -12) and with him i never really felt him kick, instead I could very visibly see him moving around inside me - like I had a snake inside my tummy trying to get out!

Remember you can make an ad hock appointment with your midwife at anytime, they are there to reassure you and I'm sure will be more then happy to do so. She might not try to hear the heartbeat until 14 weeks though.

Oliversmum I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday and I will be 16 weeks and 3 days at that point. I did message the midwife about hearing heartbeat and she said she will check then, so I think that may pacify me until the kicks start coming. My belly seems to have popped out a bit today. Not sure if it is food or baby because I am constantly ravenous! :)

thanks to all who replied - this is a wonderful network :)

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Congrats about your belly sticking out! On week 16 mine started to show off (shame we can't ad photos here!) I was soooo happy and proud of it :) However, people started to notice it on week 24, from week 22-24 I looked like a ate few too many pies 😂 I love my bump!x

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I can't wait till i'm a bit chubby and at that point where people aren't really sure if your pregnant or not and dont want to ask incase your not and cause offence... Could have quite a lot of fun with it haha!

No problems, were all here for each other,, if u have any more questions or worries just post! Take care and congrats on pregnancy 😃🍼

Well sounds like you've got your mothers instincts down as the worrying has already begun.

From my experience constant hunger is always a good sign - enjoy. Soon enough that kicking ur longing for will turn on your stomach and you will have the most hideous heartburn you have ever experienced!


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So did u have a twelve week scan and hear the heartbeat then or get told it was present?

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I did have a 12 week scan, and that was absolutely fine, but I was bleeding really early on and it has constantly made me worry! I have seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks, and saw it at 12 weeks, so I am sure all is OK. I just want to hear it for some reassurance, because of how it was to begin

I'm a size 4-6 so as you can imagine there isn't much to me, felt him wiggling from 14 weeks and 18 weeks on the dot, I now feel him kicking me. Try not to worry I'm sure everything will be fine :) xx

I know the feeling. I suffered with anxiety between my appointments cause I was always worried .. but as it turns out everything will be fine in the end .. first few months are tough and then it will get moving.. it won't fly! I want to punch those ppl who say pregnancy flies (not to offend anyone) but for me it's like ages specially when I am not working. I didn't feel the baby move till 18 weeks . Even then I was never sure if it was the baby or my body . Now at 20 weeks I do feel the baby s kicks but not all the time. And for first time moms it's usually very late. So just hold on . It will come.

😂 I agree that weeks 4-12 dragged, but after that it had flown soooo quickly! I wish I could stop the time now as I enjoy it quite a lot! I don't work either but I have gardening to do, knitting for baby, cross stitching, going to shops and online to look for baby toys, clothes, toiletries, bought different washable nappies and washed them to be ready for the baby(I am sure I'll wash everything one more time before baby's arrival so everything is fresh) clean house, ironing, reading pregnancy books, write my pregnancy journal (also bought baby's first year journal which I can start to fill in now otherwise i might forget something). Managed to go on holiday from week 22-26. I like to go on 1-2h walks a day. I am very busy all the time which is nice. I was thinking to take up swimming but have not find time yet. Tomorrow I'll be going to breastfeeding class as I plan to breastfeed and want to get as much info as possible now.x

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