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Booking appointment

I was pregnant last year, had my booking appointment week 8 and started bleeding week 9 then miscarried. I'm scared to ask my GP to refer me to midwifery services as I don't want to make all these appointments only to later find there's nothing there! I'm trying to delay making contact with GP for as long as possible to leave whatever happens to nature before getting excited too soon. Any advice?

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I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage :-( My advice would be to go to your GP and get the ball rolling, I completely understand why you are hesitant but keeping positive is your best bet. I had a miscarriage last year, I was 12 weeks when I miscarried and found out my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks! So I carried her the whole time even to my midwife appointment and had no clue she wasn't growing anymore. I'm now 6 weeks pregnant with my next and trying to keep as positive as possible and have my midwife appointment next week! I got an early scan yesterday and my little baby's heart was beating away and growing the way he should! See if you can get an early scan, that will check how baby is and put your mind at ease. It definitely helped me. Wishing you lots of luck xx

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Thanks. Last time, my scan at 9 weeks showed foetus only 6 weeks and had no heart beat. I had another scan booked in 2 weeks time but it was all over by then.

I'm 7 weeks now with second pregnancy but don't think I want early scan. I had private early one last time and all they could see was pregnancy sac. I was so stressed out from week 6 last time x


You'll know what's right to do, try not worry - you will have your rainbow baby. Sending you love and positive thoughts xx


Hi, I am so sorry. I know exactly how this is. I had several miscarriages and was the same with this pregnancy. My last miscarriage was at 12 weeks. You can wait a bit I did. I waited until after 12 weeks then they got me in for my first scan at 13 weeks. I just told them why I wanted to wait and they were fine about it. I was too scared also and because I had miscarried so many times before just could face it x


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