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Week 6 spotting & cramps

I am 6 weeks today. And I'm having hard lower back cramps and I have had light red / pinkish spotting since last night on and off. I feel like I'm going to get my period. I'm so scared. I know back pain is normal. And I know spotting is normal. And I had a miscarriage years ago in a previous relationship. I'm just so terrified it's going to happen again. I want this baby so badly. Please pray for me and my baby. Thank you

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dont worry sweeti ...... every thing will be fine


Thinking of you sweetheart. Please get in contact with maternity services if you're worried xx


Awww I hope you're ok. Please contact nhs 111 or your gp asap for advice.


Sending you love and happy thoughts! Contact the early pregnancy unit and ask for a reassurance scan - hope you get on okay! xx


Try not to worry too much - I had light spotting at week 6 and again at week 7. It terrified me and I was sure I would lose the baby but my midwife assured me that unless it was teaspoons full of blood that it was normal. I'm now nearly 17 weeks and baby is growing fast!

To help reassure you, your body is producing a lot more blood at this time and your cervix is more sensitive - anything from having sex or a knock to it can cause light bleeding. If you're concerned, as others have said, call your GP. They'll book you in for a scan (although perhaps not for a few days as you can't always see the heartbeat at 6 weeks - I had to wait until 7 weeks which felt like forever). But try to stay positive, at this early stage there is nothing else you can do. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you x

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