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Should I be worried?

Feel like people will get annoyed with me soon! lol

I'm nearly 11 weeks and I've got my 12 weeks scan next week (28th)

Lately i just haven't felt like i'm pregnant. I've not had any bleeding or anything that would show there's any issues. But I can't stop thinking that there is something wrong, Im in two minds about calling the midwife. Ive got a wedding this weekend and I worry if i have to have a scan early and its bad news that I'll let the bride down because I dont think I'd be able to go to the wedding.

Raahhh I don't know what to do. Any advice would really be appreciated. Is it normal to worry this much and to not feel pregnant?

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I did not feel pregnant either... I started to feel pregnant only when in week 16 I started feeling flatters. I think it's the most worrying time in pregnancy! (apart from giving birth) That 12 week scan! (Mine was delayed to 13w+5 days...)

If you feel good and there's no issue I would suggest to stop worry and just to wait for the scan date and meanwhile enjoy the wedding!

To put into a perspective I love this quote : Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere!


Apparently normal! I had some early cramps and was sent for an early scan but everything checked out fine. Since the cramps stopped about week 9, I don't feel anything and keep stopping and wondering if I imagined everything! I'm now 13 weeks and have my dating scan in 2 days and I actually feel nervous about this even though there's really no reason. But I was talking to someone at work who said she kept taking pregnancy tests because she was obsessed by the idea she wasn't really pregnant. So I'm putting it down to hormones, they seem to be to blame for everything else...


Very normal. Don't stress Look after yourself well.

If the thought does bother you still, call your midwife or GP. They are happy to help.😊


I would ring your midwife and ask. At least speak with her and she may put your mind at ease. I very much doubt she will send you for an earlier scan though if it's only next week but just see what she says. x


Your hormones have probably finally settled. If you've not had a period and not bleeding or in pain then you may have a healthy pregnancy! Try not to worry too much. Wait for your scan x


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