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Breastfed baby wont take bottle

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Hi Mums, my little girl is 12 weeks today and she has been breastfed since birth. A few weeks ago she had expressed milk from a bottle as she had to have gaviscon and she took it no problem. Im due to go out for a spa day in a month so thought I'd try with the bottle to make sure my OH will be able to feed her but she just screams until i give her my breast. Any advice would be helpful. Also, im usong tommee tippee slow teat closer to nature bottles, wondered if there was any better ones? I dont want to spend £20 on 1 bottle for her to refuse it. Thanks

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I would try and get your partner to feed her if you haven't already just to see if she takes it from him if you are say completely out of the room. It may be a case of she knows mum has the real thing and only that will do haha they are smart! I saw one advertised on Facebook but it is quite expensive but apparently especially for breast fed babies. Luckily despite breastfeeding all mine they would take the one off bottle. I will try and find a link for you x

I think the MAM bottles are meant to be quite good also. Good luck x

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Thank you! I'll try to get my partner to feed her and see if that works. She knows I'll give in ha x

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Yeah they catch on quick haha x

Hi, I just want to agree with Katie. She will probably be able to smell you and your milk and won't therefore want a bottle. I Have a friend who had to go away for the weekend and leave her 8month old with her husband just to get him to finally take a bottle. Obviously her situation was further down the line and the baby was also on solids.


We had this trouble too and my son had bottles for the first couple of days whilst I was getting the hang of breastfeeding.

We just gave up in the end as it made me stressed but someone did suggest letting my husband feed him and me being out of the room. Sounds like that's good advice!!


A similar reply really. My LO didn't take to a bottle either. Ideally you should be in another room as if she knows your breast is available won't want anything else.

My dd hated tommee tippee bottles & never accepted those. She settled in the end using lansinoah. The teat requires then to use the same action as when feeding from the breast. She was so much happier to feed from bottle then.

Hope this helps.

If you want to try a new bottle order a medela calms solitaire from boots or eBay. It was the only bottle my son would use as mimics breast feeding. It's expensive but as it was only for emergencies I only needed to get the one. You might be able to get a bargain on eBay

You could also try a small open cup like a medicine cup? Babies can lap milk up. Sometimes with a bottle they just have no idea what this plastic teat thing is coming near their mouth :)

Try a teaspoon too. You might be able to work up from that x

My LO if ebf and wont take a bottle, I've tried all sorts but no luck. If your LO was a bit older ide say try a beaker but she might still want the comfort of the suck!

Thanks guys! I'm gonna try everything i can! Will get a new bottle, ive seen one that is 100% guaranteed or your money back so will try that. And will get my OH to try feeding too, maybe with a spoon or syringe.. thanks for all your help x

Get your partner to try when you're not around. Also if she takes it then I'd try to keep up one feed a day with bottle so she keeps taking it. My little used to have a bottle a day then we stopped (out of laziness) and when I tried again at 4 months she wouldn't have it off anybody!

Most breastfed babies won't take a bottle, it's a completely different action to bottle feed than it is to breastfeed and many babies find it difficult. Others suggested trying to get dad to feed which is a really good suggestion. IF babies will take a bottle then they won't often take it from mum as they can 'smell' her! I'd say the next option would be to cup feed. Most babies will often happily 'lap' from a cup as it's the same tongue action as they use at the breast. Personally I'd say don't waste your money on lots of different bottles. No matter what the advertisers claim there is NO bottle or teat that is anywhere close to breastfeeding and if she won't take one then she's probably not going to take any. Don't belive the hype...they just want to sell you their ridiculously expensive products! Good luck ;-)

Some really helpful advice here from people.

I would definitely recommend you go out for a couple of hours and see if she takes it from Dad when you're not there. Also recommend cup feeding, as has already been stated, no teat will ever be close to breastfeeding. Actually cup feeding is easier for a breast fed baby as they use the face and mouth muscles in a similar way to when they breast feed. Doidy cups are really good, and cheap! Good luck xx

I have a Minbie bottle brilliant for breast fed babies

Thanks lovelys, i will try a cup x

what about a different teat

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