Drained and wiped out

Hi everyone

I'm 32 and 18wks and expecting my second child. My first is 12yrs old. I feel so drained and wiped out and constantly want to sleep.

I don't remember my first pregnancy being like this though I had severe morning sickness 12hrs a day from 2mths-after labour I still had loads of energy.

I'm worrying this could be early signs of gestation diabetes. My first I went from a size 6- size 18. This time though only 18wks I've only put on 3kg so far. I work in two different pubs 6 days a week doing 13hr shifts 3 days in a row in one and 6hr shifts 3 days in a row with one day off. I know this cld be the stem of my exhaustion but need to work till I'm 25wks to be entitled to my maternity pay.

Please advice. Is this drained and wiped out feeling normal?

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  • Hi. I am totally exhausted and 36 weeks. I sleep and I am totally out of it most of the day but I do have gestational diabetes. Never had it in 3 of my previous pregnancies but I did have severe sickness with my two boys.

    Have you got any other symptoms such as going dizzy after eating or excessive thirst? Mine was diagnosed at 16 weeks but I had all the symptoms from the start. First sign of pregnancy was excessive thirst and I mean I could have drank a swimming pool full of liquid and still been thirsty! It's normal to feel very tired during pregnancy and you working so hard will make you more physically tired. Also your midwife should pick up on glucose in your water samples if its diabetes so I wouldn't worry too much it probably isn't that x

  • Yes constantly thirsty. Had few dizzy spells but just thought was part and parr of the course that comes with being pregnant. The thirst and breathlessness are horrible. But again just put them down to the job. But I just feel so weak and out of it and every part of my body aches like I've been doing excessive exercising.

  • Oh definitely tell your midwife she will send you for testing at the hospital which is pretty straight forward. I've put hardly any weight on during this pregnancy either so it may well be gestational diabetes. It's not all that bad and they do monitor you very closely if you have that x

  • Hi! I am 34, now 27 weeks pregnant, this is my first pregnancy. When I was looking for a job I fell pregnant so I did not bother finding one as I wanted to enjoy the pregnancy and thankfully my partner earns enough to not to worry about money.

    I suppose there are no 2 pregnancies alike - so don't worry that you feel different this time! Also your busy schedule at work can contribute to your tiredness.

    I have nothing to compare to as this is my first but so far I am feeling great - just as came from 8km walk. I admire you ladies who have children and jobs - as I hardly have enough time to do my groceries, washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, nesting (knitting, sewing, shopping for baby) walking, gardening. I don't know how would I do if I had a job. I think baby will bring lots of changes in my life and the way I manage my time. Probably I'll just become more productive.

    I must say, from 2nd month ~4th month of pregnancy I was feeling nauseous, I could not eat, drink so it was unpleasant time so I hardly changed out of pyjamas, but at week 16 baby started moving and nausea left me and I started feeling great!

    I hope soon you'll feel reenergised again! Fingers crossed it's just normal pregnancy tiredness and nothing else! (Some ladies here tell they started to get tiredness from first weeks of pregnancy- so it's very normal as your body is building another person)x

  • Believe me being productive with kids goes out of the window! Haha it's just fun really you will have a blast. They change everything for the better though x

  • I have been up since 6:30am because someone is kicking me from inside 😂 I could not fall asleep because someone was kicking and woke up few times a night because of the same story. It definitely is a life changing experience! I can't believe that in few months time there will be a Moses basket next to my bed and some little (or big) voice will be be calling and relying on me 24/7!

  • I know it's very exciting. I don't think any amount of words prepare you for it but one thing is for sure you love that child as soon as you see them. I used to worry so much about bonding but it is instant. I even worried with my 2nd that I may not bond as well as my first and then same with my third. You always do. Most exciting bit though is trying to imagine what they will look like and be like and then when you see them it's never the same haha they are more perfect x

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