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Hey guys! I'm 17 weeks pregnant always had a slim build (size 4/6). Been monitoring my weight out of curiosity since week 8 of being pregnant. And my weight went up around week 12 by about 4lb and when weighing myself at 15, 16 and 17 weeks my weights gone back to how I started at 8 weeks and hasn't gone up by a single lb. I honestly don't even look like I'm pregnant either ha. Baby is fine I've had a 16 week scan etc and feeling healthy and happily. Just wondering if anyone else has had this where they've gained barely any weight ? Or if there's anything I can do to gain weight as I'm worried the baby might be a bit small ??

Any advice would be great as I'm a bit worried he might not be growing properly

Thank you in advance!

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  • I am size 10 and started gaining weight on week 16. I would expect as you're so tiny your bump would appear quicker but one of the girls who goes to see my midwife after me (second pregnancy and tiny like you) had no bump on our 16 week appointment. Mine was hardly showing but the other girl who is 6ft had quite a big bump already.

    So don't you worry - as long as baby is all good - there's no need to worry about your weight or size of bump :)

    Enjoy this moment - I am week 27 now and bump is a bit getting in my way (hard to put socks and boots on - wishing it was a flip flop and summer dress season now!) x

  • Hahaha I will definitely be making the most of no bump I was just a bit concerned because every one else around the same time as me is much bigger! But thank you I feel much better now 😁 I can't wait for dress season! X

  • Lucky you - your bump will be seeing quite a lot of this summer - let's hope it will be sunny and warm!x

  • Don't worry you are just very lucky. I was a size 8 when I got pregnant with my first and I was huge with her she had excess fluid around her. I've never got my body back since haha x

  • I am week 18. I had lost 2 kgs in in weeks 12-14. I too was stressing out about it but I was told you will gain weight after 16. So not stressing about it anymore. Most ppl gain most in last trimester so it's good if we aren't already too big :)

  • If your scan is fine then your baby should be fine too! You don't need to be as big as a house just because you're pregnant. To my knowledge, 12kg weight gain is normal over 9 months (3-4kg baby, 1kg placenta, 1kg water, 1kg breasts, 2kg extra blood and 3kg fat).

    Too many women are overweight and many eat enormous portions when pregnant, but that shouldn't be the norm and just because you're not huge, it doesn't mean your baby isn't growing x

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