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Not sure what ro think

Hi so ive been having a ruff time this month. Ive been very nauseas and but cant seem to stop myself from eating i got sick on the 11th and played it off as the flu bc i got super fatigued. Well fast forward a week later im gettimg ready for woek and out of no where (tmi) puked all over myself i ended up not going to work bc i thought i was still sick (i work with the elderly so i have to be super careful) i also got really light headed and started breathing wierd . my saliva feels like it multiplyed and same with my mucus in my nose and my skin seems to be changeing on me too super dry and some what itchy. I went to the doxtors and they cant figure out whats wrong with me did a pregnancy. Test came up negative my period starts in 5 days so maybe its that? Any ideas on what it could be

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Hi, hope you feel better soon. It could be something not pregnancy related. Diabetes makes you very hungry, feel sick dizzy and tired for example. Many things do though such as anaemia, thyroid disorders (they cause dry skin and many other symptoms also) amoungst others. It could be a virus even, or you not being fully over the flu. Make sure your doctor does a blood test to rule things out. Hope you get well soon x


We did the blood test and i am anemic have been for awhile not diabetic thank fully. But the docs dont think it is that and deffinetly not pregnant


Have they done a thyroid check? Just your symptoms and iron deficiency often come hand in hand. They tell you the results are normal but you have to obtain copies of the printed results with ranges as the NHS wait until you are really really ill with that before they diagnose. T4 should be in the upper part of the range and TSH below 2 x


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