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Always feeling sick third trimester

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Hi all, hope all your pregnancies are going well! Just a quick post as since I have been about 31 weeks (34 weeks now) I have been feeling sick all day, I haven't been sick just feel it, at first I thought it was because I was eating a lot of the wrong foods (unhealthy, sugary snacks) so I started eating healthy again, like I have been trying to do all the way though, but feeling sick is still there, tried eating little and often that doesn't help. Travelling is the worst I went to buy a Pram last Sunday and it took over double the time to get there are every few miles I had to stop as I thought I was going to be sick. Morning sickness in first trimester wasn't too bad, for the first 8 weeks I felt sick all the time (like I do now) but wasn't sick, but from about weeks 9-13 I was being sick a couple of times a day, but you expect it in first trimester. Also from week 6 I have had bad heartburn everyday I think there was one freak week where I didn't have heartburn (wondered if they may be connected). So really I was Just wondering how many out there are in thier third trimester and feeling sick all the time, and if it means anything. Many thanks Rebecca x

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Hi, I am 35 nearly 36 weeks and had hardly any morning sickness but def finding I feel more sick now although like yourself not actually being sick. It's just that constant horrible feeling. The indigestion is also immense. I think it's because at this point your tummy is basically all squashed up to make room for your baby. I think it's quite normal however if you start actually being sick as in vomiting then it's time to speak with your midwife. I had that with my first pregnancy along with other symptoms such as swelling, migraines, blurred vision, itching and that turned out to be pre eclampsia. I don't have all those extra symptoms this time just the feeling sick so I think it's normal. I also keep going dizzy quite a bit and breathless.

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Thank u, u have put my mind at rest mentioned it at my last midwife app but she didn't really say a great deal thought then if she was concerned she would of asked me to go into more detail. But it's good to know that it seems normal! Xx

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I think it's just your bodies way of getting to the end and eventually it just packs in then labour starts. It's just a shame it goes in slow motion for us at the time haha. You are welcome x

It can happen anytime through pregnancy hun. I had all day sickness all through my 2nd pregnancy, but my son was a healthy 8lb 15oz. Don't worry hun and it won't be long until you have your little one x

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Thanks I am pleased it's not just me. True counting down the days lol! Pleased ur little man was healthy! Best wishes x

The other day I made some squash soup and it came out tasty on my tongue but my stomach thought otherwise as laying down in the bed it wanted to come up so I chewed on 2 Gaviscon tablets and I felt good again (I put it down to adding too much chilly)

But yeah- I have noticed that I am going off the meat again and in the shop I can't choose what to buy anymore as nothing really excites me thinking of eating it :( yesterday I bought Kellogg's pack as fancied it- had it this morning for breakfast but it's been 2 hours since I had it but I have feeling like it's stuck in my throat. I suppose baby moving up to my stomach these past few days does not help me digest nor leaves much space for the food (he's a cheeky monkey already!) I am off to the shop for some more Gaviscon!

Past 2 months of pregnancy were amazing - and I sense it's coming to an end of that great era...x

I no what u mean sickness feeling is annoying and until I posted post I was a little worried but it's the other things that bug me more like getting up every 2 hours in night to p. O well Wont be long now! All though this may sound cruel and I don't mean it to I am pleased it's not just me feeling sick in this trimester! Hope u start to feel better soon xx

PS: my case is not that bad to be honest. I just as had a decaf coffee with a slice of vanilla cheesecake and feeling wonderful! Also it was so sunny that I was knitting baby's blanket in the garden and trying to absorb some vitamin D through face, arms and legs :) Off for a walk now 😊 Hope you're feeling better!x

I have terrible pregnancies my body literally falls apart. My sister in law is one of those that breezes through the entire pregnancy with no problems at all, I so envy her. She gives birth within a few hours also. I become a whinging moaning wreck and my husband keeps his distance haha..But it is so worth it in the end believe me.

Sorry to hear you are/had bad times! I am trying not to moan a great deal my partners daughter is only 14 and I know she won't be a teenage mum she wants a career first, but I am mindful if I keep on about the negative sides to pregnancy and labour it may put her off which I would feel guilty about as she will make a great mum, she said something quite nice yesterday 'I wish we didn't get periods until 29 then you could have babies' which makes me think she won't be interested until about age 30 if that makes sense! But worried today though going shopping and day for a few home bits and I no my sickness will play up! Still never mind! Xx

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