Am I doing it wrong?

Hi there, I'm a first time mum little one is almost 4 weeks old, after feeds she doesn't always bring up any wind and seems happy and content but is that me not bringing it up properly, during the day and night she trumps a lot she's not sick much maybe once every couple of days if she's eaten too much but couple of people said it's not normal that she doesn't bring up much wind

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  • Here's a little trick that someone told me and it works every time it's crazy. I've got 3 kids and used this method on them all and it worked. I think a health visitor told it me years ago or a midwife. First time I did it I was like wow that worked and my baby did a huge burp. I have babies that do not bring up wind easily at all and sometimes it's difficult to know if they have or haven't got any trapped wind.

    Pat babies back a good 10-20 times gently but firm enough for winding. Straight after rub in a clockwise circle 10- 20 times, again gently but applying slight pressure, then 10- 20 times anti clockwise. Then pat again 10-20 times one last time. You have to make sure you wind in the right place. There is a little bit on the back where it's hollow just above the rib cage. And slightly below the shoulder blades.

    They always bring up wind then but it may be yes that your baby just isn't a windy baby at all. I even used this on my nephew a few months back as my mum couldn't get his wind up and it worked x

  • Hello,

    I also have a "war" with my baby's winds... So I understand your completely. Sometimes doesn't get any wind out even that I spend ages to wind him.

    Changing the position of your baby at also help.

    Put the baby on his/her bally on your lap and tap gently his/her back. Then putnthe baby facing you, chest to chest making sure the back is straight and keep tapping his/her back.

    It also helps for my little one to sit the baby on your lap Mans make him/her lean forwards and backwards a bit. You can don't his by sitting the baby on your lap and hold him/her by their chest and back with your flat hands (the baby must be facing left or right - so you'll see your bay profile).

    This last method I learnt it from the nurses of the NICU as my baby was premature. Hope your could undestand this last way as can be a bit tricky to explain.

    I've also heard that giving ripe water to the baby can help them but I never tried it.

    Hope this helps your little one x.

  • i have literally tried everything, including all ways mentioned above, she doesn't seem to bring anything up, if she does its straight away, just trying to understand why shes having hard time pooing, her poos are fine and normal but pain and straining thought it was wind, tried different milks, lacto free stuff, colic relief, cool boiled water and sugar water, water seems to relieve her but that it, been to doctors no advise there either :/

  • Baby massage? We've started going to a free group at our local children's centre x

  • Did you try aptamil comfort milk?

    Very good for constipation! Helped my son and my cousins daughter

  • Hey,

    I'm guessing you are bottle feeding?

    Have you tried laying baby on her tummy, or better still if you get yourself an ergonomic baby sling and carry her in it after feeds (even during if breastfeeding) that is a great way to help wind, because she's upright you don't really need to do much, just carry her around and let it come out naturally. Plus it will benefit the bond between you and help her feel more settled. xx

  • tried that and a have a carrier but dont think its the same thing?


    These are ergonomic carriers. There are other makes that are a bit cheaper too. The ones like baby bjorn are not ergonomic and can be dangerous. There are some groups on Facebook that sell good second hand ones too, and you could also see if you have a local sling library to hire from.

  • Hi, nurse Harvey's gripe water is really good. Also, I found changing baby's bum during a feed can make them burp too.

    I wouldn't advise changing milk as this can make a baby constipated and has nothing to do with bringing wind up.

    Good luck 👍🏼

  • If your baby is happy I won't worry about it. Since baby is farting a lot, gas is escaping that way.

    My son had colic and no amount of rubbing helped, and believe me he could scream for hours. So I would count yourselves lucky and enjoy each other.

    Things that helped us:

    - comfort milk

    - sleeping on his front (but he could hold his own head from very early on)

    - baby massage

    Relax and enjoy

  • I would agree with suggested by Aquahol, baby massage is good they teach you a method of rubbing the tummy in the correct place when they are constipated and it helps them make a bowel movement. Has she had the bowel movement problems since birth or just recently? Reason I ask is that my son my middle child had bowel problems since birth and still has at 9 they don't take it seriously at all. He is on lactulose now but I am unsure If that can be given to a baby. It probably can't, he didn't get prescribed it until he was 4.

  • She's pooing 2-3 times a day and there not hard there normal but she just seems to be in pain, shes crying every so often when she's trying to push a poo out, she settles really well at night too she goes out instantly after feeding and me attempting to burp he she just trumps instead of burps I get little ones maybe once every 5 feeds ish but trumps all the time tried her in my carrier today through the day she settles really well in that

  • Have you tried infacol that sometimes helps, may be worth a try. If it continues though def press at the doctors if she is in pain with it.

  • My friends baby had this but with blood and mucus in her poo. Hospital switched her to a prescription formula milk and it cleared up.

    I think you are going to have to push your dr pretty hard for some help. Might be worth starting a poop diary. Consistency, colour, smell, symptoms, date and time. Take it with you to let them know your serious.

    Has your health visitor been any help?

  • Going to start a diary tomorrow, that's a good tip, she's been on prescribed lacto free milk made her 10x worse Dr said she didn't know what it was, not seen the health visitor yet got my first appointment tent on Wednesday going to Hopefully get some answers then, tried I facilities brought up wind lovely used it 3 times in 30 hours and she was screaming in agony and it's when all this started to get worse so I stopped using it, I dont really know what to do some people say I'm panicking to much others say it could be something.g Dr says she has no idea hahaha I'm so lost. She's so quiet and content unless trying to poo

  • my son had really bad constipation when we went on holiday for the first time. He was 9 months and my mother in law gave me BEBEGEL.

    It's just glycerol. It's a little tube you put up their bottom and squeeze. Within 5 minutes they will poop. It's basically a lubricant that they don't absorb because your putting it right at the end of the digestive track.

    It's not something you can buy over the counter here but might be worth asking the dr, for something similar.

    Hope you get it sorted soon. Remember you know what's working for your baby and what's not!

  • Another thought maybe an oz or so of fresh orange juice instead of milk. Might be worth asking dr or health visitor about that.

  • they wont give her anything because shes too young, and orange juice is a no go apparently according to doctor

  • Just remembered something my nan used to say. Put some fresh parsley in her nappy (near her bum) and it will make her poo. Might be worth a shot.

  • She is pooing, just not often, tried infacol made her scream tried gripe water she seems to enjoy it, she was still being fussy and started Gipping after feeds with bad sour milk breathe think it's silent reflux and stopping her food being digested as quick, but not been to see doctor yet will it hurt if I out her on anti reflux milk

  • I don't know Hun. I thought reflux was more when babies brought up all their bottle - but I don't know much about reflux. Sounds like you've done some reading to come up with this. I would speak to your pharmacist if you can buy it over the counter I'm sure they will be able to advise you.

  • I've bought it in tesco today and that's the usual one it's when they don't bring any up and it stays in their system for longer preventing passing stools just don't want to use it without consulting someone but will go to chemist tomorrow and double check

  • Have a look on the box there maybe a help line you can call. I done that when I switched you comfort milk. Or you could try calling nhs 111 depends if your feeding through the night.

  • You could try rubbing her head stroking her soft spot very gently ,just as if you were stroking her hair ,lay her back slightly before you wind her one hand under back of neck other hand stroking her hair front to back motion ....then try winding her making sure her neck is straight and in line ....if not you could try the colic crystals there tiny little grains of crystals that you put on your finger then put in babies mouth before you feed her you don't need to use them every feed every .2nd feed would do ,you damping your finger so the crystals stick to it then put it in babies mouth ....they worked a treat for my kids when they were young they help with numbers 2's also get them in chemists behind counter you need to ask .if they don't do them ask them where to get them will be amazed !!! Good luck 😉

  • After this pay tried all sorts, think it's silent reflux will it hurt he if I try get on anti reflux milk by cow and gate without consulting doctor

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