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Ms Confuse

Hi everyone, i have been reading lots of article on this page and its really interesting especially for us women. I had a different feeling since the last 7 weeks, i've been sick for few days and before that in the 1st week of last month i had discharge which is clear white then later after few days i had spotting then a normal period for 4 days. All this is abnormal to me. My period came 10 to 12 days earlier before my normal expected date. And after that i started to have this fatigue which i never had in my life, i will always wanted to sleep day and night even at work i have to force myself, also backache, continuously visiting the washroom, i took 2 pregnancy test with negative result........please help

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Ive been having a simular issue please let me know what you dind out its very frustrating and my doctors cant seem to help

Reply planning to go for a check this week since my period this month is not coming.....but will let you know of the result...


Thank you best of luck :)


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