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Pregnant or just crazy?

Okay, so the hubby and I have just started trying to conceive. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we only managed to 'do the deed ' once towards the end of my ovulation. Despite this, I have had early pregnancy symptoms, such as light vaginal discharge, tender breasts, nausea and even mild cravings (marmalade, of all things). I have taken two tests, both of which were negative, and today (my due period date) I have some spotting and discharge. I suppose what I want to know is, could I be pregnant even with the bleeding and test results, or is it all in my head?

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The only way you will know is to wait a while and do another test. Give it another week. I know with one of my pregnancies it didn't go positive until I was 8 weeks but I knew I was pregnant. Good luck x


You don't normally get pregnancy cravings this early! Your other symptoms could be pmt. Periods don't always arrive on time, some women are often within a week of their usual cycle. Stress, diet and excessive excecise can delay peeiods too. Wait 1 week and do pregnancy test. You won't get an answer instantly, test again after a week if negative x


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