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hi everyone, im having a lot of trouble with the hospitals and my gp regarding referral for ivf.... me and my husband have had all the tests done and even the hospital have put on the letters that referal for ivf is needed.when i ring the hospital they say i need to go to my gp so i go to my gp and they say i need to go to my hospital and it goes round and round. has anyone else has this trouble? thanks in advance

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Ivf referral is normally via gp to the hospital. Of course sounds like you already have had a hospital work up. Does your hospital provide Ivf services? I would book in to see you gp to get it sorted


Hi, I would put a bet on that it's the receptionists coming out with this as although a totally different thing we had a similar issue with a prescription that was written for my son at a hospital. The GP surgery refused to issue a repeat and we were told only the hospital could do it so we had to go back to the hospital to get another prescription which took months. Then the paediatrician said the gps are talking rubbish once something is prescribed by them it should be put on repeat but then it all start again. Now he is left without the meds with the GPs refusing to prescribe again. I would write a complaint or go above the reception level. Also have the hospital issued a letter telling the GP surgery what needs doing because I think that is where the issue is with us! They won't do anything until they have the letter. Saying that though I handed a referral letter to my Gp surgery from the hospital about something else for me and they still refused to write the prescription and that was insulin for gestational diabetes so pretty damn important. Sometimes you have to raise the issue to get anything done though. Hope you get it sorted x


Hi Kerry it's the GP who refers you for fertility treatment, I would see a different GP or every GP/Hospital should have a patient advisory liaison service (PALS) who can help sort this out before it goes to a formal complaint. Hope you get sorted, nothing worse than added stress at this already stressful time x


Hi Kerry

In my case, at first, I approached my gp with my problem and they referred me to the hospital (whichever was the closest to my home) for investigation. When all investigation was done and got my results as well as the green light for IVF, I was sent back to my gp for further consultation. Gp than asked me which ivf clinics/hospitals would I prefer to proceed with out of 2 or 3 of the closest. I didn't choose the same hospital where all tests were done, due to better success rates in the other clinic. So gp referred me to this ivf clinic, where they redone most tests, as they wouldn't accept tests from outside their clinic. From the first appointment to this clinic onwards, I did not have to see the gp again.

I was probably lucky, as through the process though, I was always well informed by both hospitals of what's next. Each appointment was followed by a letter addressed to me and gp separately.

Do they update you with any letters? If they don't, I would just go to the hospital reception and ask for a copy of your "referral back to gp" letter. So with this you go to gp and ask them to proceed.


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