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Negative hpt and blood test can still be pregnant?


I have got a blood test on same day i was expecting my periods but it was negative and another one again after a week but still negative then i got hpt on 46th day of my last periods but negative but i am having all the symptoms of pregnancy and i feel that i am pregnant. Its not like i am trying for long or i am very desperate for baby thats why i am imagining but i know my body and i am feeling something strange.

Is it posible that i can be pregnant even after having 2 negative blood test and a negative hpt plus i have very slow bleeding aswell in 46th day

Please help this is making me crazy

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Pregnancy tests are very accurate. I would go back to your doctor and ask for more investigations into why you are getting these symptoms.


Heya, what was your outcome? :) I'm in the same boat, nausea, back pain etc but monthly period type bleeding. My tummy is growing, i actually feel uncomfortable - today I got result of blood test - negative!?? :)


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