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I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks last year and was told that they think my baby stopped growing at 5/6 weeks but my body took weeks to catch up, the only thing I suffered was sore lower back pain for a couple days when I was 5/6 weeks as well as sore boobs. I'm now currently 5 weeks and 7 days pregnant and I am starting to get lower back pain, I've had some twinges of pain and pressure in my tum but chalked that down to growing. Could the same thing be happening again? I am thinking of calling the early pregnancy unit on Monday to see if I can get a scan to check, I'm due to get one at 7 weeks but I don't think I can wait as really starting to worry. Not sure if I am looking too much into this back pain or not! Help! Xx

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  • Hello, I had the same last year... Missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, ever since I found out I was pregnant again I have been paranoid the same will happen again, however I am 33 weeks and all going ok so far, I know lots of people who had a miscarriage first time but went on to have healthy babies. The back pain could be something bad, so I would call Monday, they might decide that as your due in for a scan in a week or so they might wait until then, as sometimes if they scan too early they might not be able to see anything yet, this may make you worry more. But also the back pain could be a typical pregnancy thing, they say if it's real bad back pain pain or it started at the front and moved its way round this could be a sign of a miscarriage, try not to worry this could be completely normal, hopefully someone later will reply who like you had back pain at 5/6 weeks and who was fine. You could go and sit in A and E but when you tell them they may say it's too early to scan you and send you home, (although I hope they would try for you) because it says on the nhs website that a heartbeat might be seen at a 6 week scan! Just try to relax and call Monday and see what they say, I would say though that unless back pain is intense your probably fine! Best wishes X

  • Hi, really sorry for your loss. I would try and get in earlier as there is no harm in getting peace of mind. If you are worried it will just drag until the 7 weeks one x

  • Wait til the 7 week scan. If you go this early they may not be able to show you anything conclusive and it will just probably wasting your time and as sad as it is if it is a miscarriage they can not do anything. I've had one myself so I know how anxious it makes you feel and how worrying it is. You are very lucky to get a scan at 7 weeks and the reason they do one then is because you should be able to see a heart beat. If you go now all you will get is something inconclusive and then you will still have to go again. X

  • Hey Hun I had two previous miscarriages, I went to my epu at 6 weeks on my current pregnancy basically because I was so scared of it happening again. They completely understand the worries you have and they should do all your blood tests etc to check the level of hormones. Obviously it can fluctuate a lot but once you see your bloods are fine then it really puts you at ease until your scan, at least that's what I found anyway. Try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) good luck! xxx

  • Hey me and you in the same boat :( I miscarried at 10 weeks but foetus stopped growing at 6 weeks. I'm Preg again and also getting back and abdominal pain. Went to dr yesterday. Dr said abdominal pain is actually normal. I wouldn't contact epau unless you're bleeding. As we already know medical staff can't do anything to stop an early miscarriage x

  • Thanks for reply lovely, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It's the worst :-( I ended up having some really sore abdominal pains on Wednesday and got taken for a scan, baby was 5 weeks and the sac was the right size and place of where it should. I have another scan booked for next week as baby's heart should be beating then so they will check the growth is how it should! Glad all is okay but still so nervous! Absolutely, th nurse who scanned me was so lovely and I dealt with her when I miscarried my last baby. By the sounds I'm doing everything right so just taking it easy xx

  • Awww glad everything is OK so far. Just try to stay positive x

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