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Well a shock surprise - further along than expected

So yesterday I had my dating scan..

Boy it was exciting, I saw it wriggling away. It didnt want to move, and must be lazy like daddy says mummy is, but it did what it was told, and moved enough to see its skull forming, and it has two arms and two legs, and a cutesy little nose. It made me teary - I feel so happy!! :)

At my EPU back on 2nd Feb, I was told I was measuring 7 weeks gestation... my EDD was 21st September but yesterday I was measuring 12 weeks 5 days EDD is now 16th September... now what baffles me even more is that neither of those tie up with my LMP which I had calculated would have been EDD 24th September...

In summary I am so happy but I also know that pregnancy is much harder than calculus!!!

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Well all dates you use for pregnancy calculating lmp and scans are all estimates really. Also it depends on your cycle/ovulation length that month.

Later scans tend to be more accurate with dating than early ones.

Mind you baby will Come when baby wants to come which might be before or after your edd.

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if the baby is anything like daddy it will be late lol.

Thanks Roxannacar :)

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Same with me for my 2nd. 1st was off by 1 day so went into my 2nd pregnancy confident that my dates were spot on and baby measured 5 days further on at 12 weeks. It makes no sense ever and all I can assume is either I ovulated early or baby grew quickly in those first 12 weeks then growth leveled out as measured the same dates at 21 weeks. It's all guess work anyway. My daughter was 12 days od so I'm not holding hope at this one being even close to 'on time'.

Enjoy it as much as you can...even when it's hard to enjoy it. It's all part of the process.


I remember my mum saying I was spot on with her dates, but early by the EDD, so I think I will use that to my benefit and stop me worrying. :)



Oh congrats - that is great news! Is dating scan the first one?

Well supposedly only 4% of women have their baby on the expected due date, so a couple of weeks either way is the norm. I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's not an exact science really.

I can't wait for my first scan (31st!) , just want to see it! I know I'll cry (happy tears!).

All the best and congrats again!


Ahh Miss_slinky dating scan is the 1st one, and the emotions definitely take over!!!

Good luck with yours too :) it is amazing to know what we are doing on the inside when the outside may be a little more deceiving... for me, only a little more, as there appears to be a little bump emerging! lol

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Oh fab! I think it will become very real when we have the scan! Obviously I know I'm pregnant, but it's my first, so it's all new. I know, I was thinking I had a little bump today as well but the midwife says it's just bloating at this stage cause the bambino is so small. Eeek how it your first too?


Sorry I didnt log in because of work commitments. Mine is my first also, so every single feeling I am not used to makes me worry! I had some lower twinging pains but my midwife and sonographer told me that it just my body adjusting lol. Not long left until your scan - 2 weeks ??



Hi Dannii1986 - don't worry! I know what you mean, I've kind of stopped exercising, I've only been out for a couple of runs and lots and lots of walks - then last night I thought this isn't good enough and went out for a run with a friend - I felt so much better for it. When I say run, I mean a slow jog as I'm still being careful.

Yes, my scan is on the 31st March, I feel really quite nervous about it, but I can't wait! :)

I hope you are feeling OK. I think as you say, our bodies have a lot of adjusting to do. I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter since week 9 to try and avoid any stretch marks and help skin - but I'm probs going to have a huge bambino as I'm 5'11 and the man is 6'5 (this is causing me major anxiety!) x


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