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Feeling ill and 10 weeks pregnant

Hi All, I have had an allergic reaction to something and my face has swollen, have lumps around my jaw line which are causing ear ache and lack of sleep, plus full of cold, can any one recommend anything I can take that won't affect the baby?

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Hi sorry to hear you are suffering so bad!! I am currently suffering with the flu at 20 weeks pregnant and it is not fun!

You could try taking some paracetamol for the pain in your jaw but I would suggest that you talk to your doctor they will be able to give you a better idea of what is safe for you to take as I would hate to offer you the wrong advice :)

I hope you get all this sorted soon and don't suffer for too long x


I would go to the gp as they are the best to help you. There may be something they can prescribe that's safe. They look through a special book usually to check what's safe during pregnancy. There are some antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy if you do have an ear infection but I don't know about anti allergy things and so forth. It may be that the ear and cold has really pulled your immune system down hence the reaction spots, we don't have a great immune system during pregnancy anyhow. Hope you feel better soon x


Go to the doctors as I know that antihistamines for allergies are out of equation. They never really did any testing on pregnant women therefore doctors prefer not to give them.

Hope you will fell better soon xx


Paracetamol is ok but not sure what it will do to help. I would go see your doctor, you might have a bit of an infection or something. Better to be safe than sorry!


I am sorry to hear this...

please see you GP ASAP and do take enough rest and fluid. My GP had asked me to take paracetamol too ( max 8 in a day ) for flu or infections.

Get well soonXx


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