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I'm 23 weeks pragnant since yesterday having pain sometime left side and right side and sometime in my ovaries I can't sleep properly because have cramp in my legs too if I turn to relax right pain starts can't even sleep more than 5 min left side can't do any work I called my dr but she is not available nurse said if feel pain again go to emergency

What to do plz help?

These pains r normal or worried plz plz reply me

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Hello, I would say get it checked out. You can give a call to your midwife and I'm sure they will be happy to see you. I had the same issue, I was in pain for week, till pain got so bad I couldn't walk, doctor checked me out took all my tests and told that it's only a muscle strain caused by baby growing. They listened to baby's heart beat as well, I believe I was the same as you are- 23 weeks.


Thx for reply


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