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Early Pregnancy Scans


Hello - me again!

I had a miscarriage last year, and was told that when I was regnant again and at 7 weeks, I could call my early pregnancy unit and they would offer me a scan. I am a bigger girl, with some chub round my tummy so I think that due to it being so early, they would do an internal scan. However my friend told me that these internal scans have a risk to the baby and I could potentially miscarriage or have something go wrong. Does anyone have experience of internal scans for early pregnancy? I just want to check everything is going okay with the baby when it gets passed 7 weeks

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Hi, I had a medically managed miscarriage in Oct 2015 following my first scan which showed my baby had died at 9weeks. This time round they sent me for an early scan to check everything was ok, the external scan showed nothing but the internal scan showed an empty sac! You can imagine hoe worried I then was and so I read every womans experience of this and got myself into a right state........... but I had a second external scan last week (2 weeks after my internal scan) and it showed my baby heart beat and all and am now 9 weeks and 3 days just waiting on my midwife appointment, so personally my experience has been positive, I don't believe they would do an internal scan if there was a risk of miscarriage, it is probing around the outside of the womb, not like a smear test where they open the cervix? Hope it all goes ok, drink plenty of water (which is painful when you are then left holding your bladder for an age as other appointments have over run) fingers crossed for you xx

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Thank you so much for your reply! I don't know when I should get the early scan, I don't know if I should work out my pregnancy from the 1st day of my last period (which is what the midwife does) or go by when I think I conceived...I think it was 14 Feb (ironic I know! haha) which makes me 3 weeks whereas going by the 1st day of my last period I am 5 weeks! Just don't want to go too early for my scan :-(

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The doctor dates it from the first day of your last period, which ironically doesn't fit with the dates from my scan as I had my period on the 21st Dec but according to the scan I conceived around NYE so it is 2 weeks out. Have you contacted the early scan unit at your local hospital, I went to my Doctor and told her I was pregnant and that I needed an early scan due to what had happened in the past, she got me one for the next day? x

The dates always confuse me! I contacted my doctors who just gave me a number for my midwife section, so I have my first midwife appointment on 30/03 but when I had my miscarriage last year, the nurse said that when I was 7 weeks I was to phone the early pregnancy unit and fake some pain and I would be given an early scan as they only do scans if there is potentially something wrong! So I was planning on phoning them after I turn 7 weeks and hoping they would give me an early scan x


That's rubbish(what your friend has said). They don't do any harm at all. I have had a lot of internal scans 2 were with my boys I went full term with. 3 others were when something had gone wrong anyway or was going to within the next 2 weeks. Don't worry about it. It's the best way to know what's going on either way x

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That's made me feel a lot more at ease, I don't think I will fully relax until I get the early scan and hear the heartbeat! Will def get one then as I don't think I can wait to the 12 week one xx

Hi. I'm a bit late to this thread but just reading a bit into your posts and wanted to let you know it's highly unlikely that you will hear a heartbeat for a number of weeks (I think we heard it first at 16-18 weeks via doppler with both ours) so really don't worry if you don't hear one at an earlier scan.

All the best for you and your pregnancy.

Thank you so much for replying! My early pregnancy unit suggested I go there at 7 weeks for a scan to check all is going okay so will see what happens then xx

Hey! I had to have internal scans on my first two, unfortunately I miscarried on them both but that definitely wasn't due to the scan that was down to other things going on my life at the time, I'm now on my third pregnancy I had internal scans at 6, 8 and 10 weeks and my baby is perfectly healthy and happy! Miscarriages just happen to some people although it's upsetting try not to let it get you too worried or too down as you'll get a break sooner than you think. Have the scan, enjoy seeing your baby and enjoy your pregnancy ☺️☺️ Good luck! Xxx

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I feel so much more reassured!! Thank you so much! I can't wait to see my little Bean ☺️ Xxx

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It won't be little for long! They grow too quick ! 🙈 Enjoy! Xxxx

I used to do admin in an early pregnancy unit, they used to do internal scans all the time unless patient was past 7 weeks so it shouldn't have too many risks or they wouldn't do it. I found out with an internal scan that I was pregnant with twins and I carried them to 37 weeks before having c section, the scan was a bit painful but I was having it due to pain anyway so probably just to do with that. If you think about it people have sex during pregnancy and unless having problems already it doesn't do any harm and that's rougher than how they'd be going with an internal ultrasound lol. Good luck with the scan I hope it all goes well for you :) xxxx

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Thank you so much for replying - feeling lots better about the scan! I have 1 week left before I'm due to get it and can't wait to see how everything is going - happy thoughts! Xxxx

In sone special cases . Medically managed pregnancies precious I V F , pregnancies , for the sake of special care the confirmation of growth of pregnency becomes imperative. It's a transvaginal scan it's safer in the hands of a trained Gynaecologist r sonalogist radiologist., it does not cause abortion.

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