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Its been nearly a year since i lost my baby to an etopic pregnancy with my current partner we really want another baby but with my periods not being quite as they should im lucky if im having 3 days in a month also from a previous relationship i had a miscarriage 2012 what are my chances on getting pregnant my worries are slighty zilch with these loses which as you can imagine gets me down at times any help would be appreciated im 44 yrs old

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  • Hi I am so sorry and totally understand this as I had several miscarriages at one point and thought it wouldn't happen. Have you ever asked for investigations to be done? I found out later it was a thyroid disorder causing mine but it can happen for many reasons. You can get free investigations done on the nhs and may be worth asking your gp about a referral. I think also if you have been trying for over a year alone they can refer you for tests. A friend of mine wasn't getting pregnant after her first child and asked for a referral, she had had no miscarriages but had been trying for over a year and I think they prescribed clomid for her and that worked. x

  • Thanks for this no ive not asked the doctor for any help but i will be doing now Thankyou i kinda feel embarrassed going to my gp why i dont know the amount of pregnancy tests ive done is beyond me as ive had pregnancy symptoms but not pregnant im finding with myself thats all i think of these days so you can imagine what its like yourself it gets me down but i plod on as normal cause you have too. xx

  • I get it completely and it really depresses you. It seems like everyone else is having babies no problems at all. Don't feel embarrassed as they should investigate these things anyhow. My thyroid was left for years and they did nothing and loads of classic symptoms were on my notes, just sometimes they don't connect the dots together and it is true that those who shout the loudest get results. Just explain how it is and a good doctor will listen and refer you. Good luck x

  • Thanks katie I will do your Thyroid did that make it hard for you xx

  • Not once I got on the correct medication. Once you know what is causing it you can do something about it. I did think I'd never carry again but I got my body well and then could x

  • I can totally relate when you say about the pregnancy symptoms. And it completely messes with you emotional. I found that my pregnancy symptoms were actually PMS which I never had before. Kept going to the dr because I could bear the symptoms the crying and suffering of it all. Gp done nothing. This is when I went to acupuncture (with head massage) and it really helped me.

  • Hi Maz,

    just wanted to let you know that your not alone. I would echo katiekaties advice about visiting your gp and asking for tests.

    I had my son no problems and after him had two miscarriages, and found it very difficult to fall with the second miscarriage. After much pushing I found out that I have a blood clotting issue which was causing my miscarriages.

    My blood disorder definitely effected my fertility and what did help me fall after my first miscarriage was acupuncture. Shame I didn't know about the blood disorder.

    I started acupuncture during mid august and by October it lengthen my luteal phase from 9 days to 13, and we fell pregnant first time.

    I am now 20 weeks pregnant, being treated for the blood disorder and continuing acupuncture weekly. I'm not saying it's a miracle cure but something I found worth, running along side the medicine I take.

    Good luck hope it all works out for you.

  • Thankyou so much hun glad things have worked out for you xx

  • I am 40 now and pregnant. Got pregnant naturally after a failed IVF protocol. Maybe you need the hormonal boost, same as me. My AMH and FSH were nowhere near good, hence I went for the IVF. They did the Flash protocol, failed (I was a very poor responder) but then it just happened. Went back to the same people for pregnancy monitoring, totally worth it, they did an amazing job during the first trimester, the NHS would never do any of that. I would go to a decent clinic that specialises on complicated pregnancies (I went to ARGC, liked them because they were very honest with me about my chances and so thorough, my God, that protocol was a total boot camp).My GP at the time was absolutely useless, no help at all, just kept saying that th tests I wanted were not primary care and I had to go private, which I did in he end.

  • Thanks but i dont have that kind of money to go private. x

  • Unfortunately at age 44 you wouldn't be eligible for NHS ivf treatment as there is a cut off at age 39, as the success rate decreases after this. Asking your gp for tests relating to thyroid etc is something they should sort out tho.

  • Regardless if age, you can't get IVF on the NHS if you or your partner already has a child.

  • Yes that's right, didn't realise there was already a child when I wrote the answer

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