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Few pregnancy symptoms

I'm 9 weeks and apart from some constipation and bloating, and a bit tired, I have no other pregnancy symptoms. Anyone else the same? I've read it can be totally normal and even lucky, but also that it can be a bad sign.

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I wouldn't worry I was the same I never really suffered much "morning sickness" x

Hiya I'm around 8-9 weeks gone and all Im suffering with is sore boobs and tiredness!!! I'm so confused because I expected to get sick and that but nothing so I know how u feel!! I've done lots of tests just to make sure it's true!!!! But everyone tells me it's fine and normal not to have all the symptoms!

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I've done lots of tests too! Apparently if anything has gone wrong the hormone levels drop fairly quickly so it would come up as a negative test. Binks did your mother have many symptoms? Mine was still waterskiing several weeks in before she realised she was pregnant! I wonder if there's a genetic link.

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I'm not sure because I've only told my husband!! I'm waiting till my 1st scan to tell my family because I'm such a worrier I won't everything to be right!!

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Aww I know that feeling too, we've only told my mother in law and some people at work (heavy manual handling so I've had to). I just remember my mother saying about it at some point. Fingers crossed for us both!

Morning, I had my first child 11 years ago and I had no morning sickness with him at all, the only thing I had was the bloating. I am now pregnant with my second, am 9weeks and 3 days, and again I have had no morning sickness at all, but I have sore boobs, exhausted all the time and constipated! Plus today I have come down with a rotten cold and earache so am having loads of fun! I wouldn't worry to much about the normal internet symptoms of being pregnant as every woman is different and experiences pregnancy different, fingers crossed for all of us x

Yeap, consipation and bloating straight from the beginning. Lactulose all the way, I pretty much live on it, it is harmless unless you're diabetic. Helps with both gas and constipation. Also boiled vegetables (raw salads won't do the trick), especially beetroot (with oil or soured cream). Avoid cottage cheese if you are constipated, it only makes it worse. Kefir is gret but get it from Estern European shops, the stuff in the supermarkets is not the real one.

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