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Having a cold and pregnancy


So I am sure that I'm coming down with a cold, but I'm not sure what is safe to take or if it could cause any harm to baby?

I'm 8 weeks now and have my midwife appointment next week and I know for usual blood tests they prefer you to be"as healthy" as possible but if I have a cold will if affect any tests?

Sorry think I'm just over thinking things but any advice would be appreciated

Thanks :)

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A cold won't effect baby, nor the blood tests. Most medications aren't safe so I would stick to paracetamol or just ask your pharmacist for advice.

congratulations on your pregnancy know how your feeling i had a cold at 12 weeks (im 15 weeks now ) best thing you can do is ,drink plenty of water ,make sure you eat plently of veg and fruit helps with the vitamins ( i found orange juice helped) also two lovely ladies told me you can use vapor rub which was a god send at night for sleep....personally i put off my blood test until i felt better

hope this helps

em x

Having a cold is the worse when you're pregnant! I've had 2 so far, and all I could take was paracetamol. If you're particularly bunged up ask your pharmacist if you can use a saline spray for your nose, they're quite good at clearing out the nostrils.

I feel your pain, hope you feel better soon!


Hope you feel better soon. I had a virus not that long ago and took me ages to get rid of it, hopefully yours will pass sooner. I would say just use safe things like Vick's is OK to use if you get stuffed up. Also olbas oil. You can take paracetamol. Avoid beechams and lemsips especially in early pregnancy as decongestants you digest are bad for the baby. They also have unsafe levels of paracetamol in. Get well soon x

Paracetamol, olbas oil and honey with pepper for coughs. Most cough and cold drugs are not licensed for pregnant women.

Hi, some pregnant women get congested. I am. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and became congested since the second month. If I'm lucky I may have the odd day when I do not need to blow my nose. This is a pregnancy symptom with a medical name of which I've forgotten (sorry pregnancy brain) however not all women suffer it. No medication is recommended. A warm bath may help. You can find more information on the NHS website. The congestion is different for everyone and may last till you give birth. It's not pleasant. There are times when I have blown my nose and ive hurled like a monster ( very embarrassing -lol) and or it makes me want to hurl. It's always best not to take medication unless you really need it and especially when pregnant. Simply ensure you get sufficient vitamins and nutrients for yourself and your baby at all times and if it is a cold it will simply get better. If you're pregnant during the summer months could this be hayfever? I suffer from hay fever too however this is usually a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. So, at present the congestion and hayfever are two of my pregnancy symptoms happening at the same time on top of some of the other ones like breathlessness and fatigue! However, in addition to these symptoms the slight twitches and tinges I feel gives me hope that the baby is progressing fine. So looking forward to know whether its a boy or girl in a few weeks time and that all is fine :) I hope this has helped and that you feel better soon x cameron

I am never congested usually but I was from around 3rd to 5th month of pregnancy... and whilst I would blow my nose (great after the shower) I would see a bit of blood on napkin. Glad that it passed!

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