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18 week movement

I'm 18 weeks and 1 day and for the last few days I have had a poking feeling, sometimes light pokes othertimes strong pokes. I can feel them once and a while from the outside.

Everyone and everything I've read tells me that is too early to feel those times of movements.

I feel them especially after I've eaten

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences

This is my first baby x

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I'm 18 weeks and 5 days and I've been feeling flutters and slight kicks and jabs since I was exactly 18 weeks. Everyone is different. I think it depends on your weight and your stomach muscles etc..

Amazing feeling isn't it :) xx


I think: if you feel then it's real! First I felt flutters like butterflies moving about, then I felt like few little mouses are inside tummy and scratching lightly like trying to get out. On week 17 there were 3 kicks on my bladder and on week 18 there were more kicks and much stronger. Then for few weeks felt less movements but then again since week 21 they are very regular and I am less worried.

Now my baby is so clever: once I place my hand on the tummy then he starts to kick on my hand 😍 Same when I lay on my back 😊 Very happy mummy here (some people think that we are not mothers yet as baby is not yet born, however, I think I am a mummy for this little one in my uterus)

Enjoy it!x


I'm only 14 weeks and have been able to feel my baby moving around for the past week, especially whilst swimming and first thing in the morning before I have ate. I will admit I have a tiny frame and this is also my first baby. I don't doubt for a second that I'll be able to feel it kicking by week 18. You know your own body :) x


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