Going Crazy 😜 Anyone Due Late April/Early May?

I'm 31 weeks pregnant! Second pregnancy first ended at 12 weeks πŸ˜₯ (Missed miscarriage). As this pregnancy progresses I am starting to relax. Just looking for people due around when I am to chat to. I have Pelvic gridle pain so going out is hard to do, and I am going mad staying in all day whilst partner at work! Hope you are all ok Rebecca XxX

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I am also 31 weeks and due April 28th, not long to go now! Sorry to hear about your previous miscarriage but glad that you were blessed with another little one. I haven't been diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain or anything as ive not seen my midwife since 25 weeks (had my 28 week bloods at the antenatal day unit due to baby causing us some worries!) but I am in absolute agony lately! I'm still working and will be until 35 weeks but really struggling with that at the minute! Hope everything's going well xxx

Hi I'm due 26th! Sorry to hear baby was causing u worries, hope all is well though! I am quite lucky I left my job at 14 weeks, just had enough, however now I am always bored, and because of PGP can't really get out to meet people, had antenatal class weekend just passed and I thought I would meet people who r due the same time then but I think I went a little early, not only that class was huge about 40 people so didn't get the chance to. I think all is going well thanks saw midwife today measured normal and had a nice heartbeat! Do u know what the sex of bump is? Xxx

Aw that's lovely! And she's okay now we just thought she was measuring small as I hardly have a bump but she must just be hiding as went for a growth scan and she appears normal! I wish I could leave my job but really cannot afford to as her father left me to raise bump on my own at 18. Yeah I can understand that you're getting bored, however not long and you will have your hands full!πŸ˜‚ My first antenatal class is booked for when I am 36 weeks but I'm not sure how many people will be there - hopefully not too many. That's lovely - glad bump is okay! And yes, I'm expecting a little girl😊 Do you know yet? Xx

Shame about her dad, ur both better off without him! No we're keeping the sex a suprise, some days I wished we had asked though, lol however we think it's a girl! Xx

We are, it's his loss!! And that's lovely - I just couldn't wait myself. Though I was convinced she was a boy!! Xx

Hey Hun how r u? Any sign of that baby yet? Xx

Hey, I'm not so good lately - this pregnancy is really starting to take its toll now and I'm in absolute agony and not feeling very well at all. How are you? And not any massive signs however I've had a few!! Hopefully labour isn't so long off as I need to get this baby out asap!😬 Any signs of your little one? X

Nope was due yesterday, when I spoke 2 midwife at 38 weeks she said they won't do a membrane sweep until 41 weeks however nhs website says they can offer it to first time mums at 40 weeks, will speak to midwife at app tomorrow, I am not in major pain or anything just can't wait for baby 2 b here, if she offers 1 I'm not sure if I will have it people keep saying baby's not ready which I understand but I am worried the longer I go the bigger baby will b and that worries me what with me wanting a natural birth! Sorry ur struggling like u say not long now Hopfully by this time next week both of r babies will b here. Take care xx

My midwife is doing me a sweep tomorrow on my due date so I don't see why shes said you can't have one til 41 weeks? I would speak to her about it. I understand where people are coming from when they say baby isn't ready but technically they are from 37 weeks and can survive outside the womb from then? So I will definitely be having a sweep as I'll try anything to get her out lol! Take care Hun xx

That's good well best of luck! Will catch up in a few weeks as I know that ur have ur hands full πŸ˜ƒπŸΌ xx

Hey Hun how did it go? I saw midwife today she said they in my area don't offer it until 41 as a lot of the times it doesn't work, so didn't think it get 1. how ever I still asked her to check my cervix she said that she could just get 2 fingers inside and that it was soft, and whilst she was inside she said she'd do a quick sweep which was great as I didn't think she would, didn't find it very nice, was worst than my smear test, still over now and I'm not bleeding too much. Feeling quite Hopfull as I was already 2cm dilated. How urs went ok! Xx

Hello chick, sweep didn't go ahead as my cervix was right behind baby's head. However I didn't need it as I was already in the early stages of labour when the midwife visited! My cervix centralised and I was admitted to hospital at 8.30am yesterday, delivered my gorgeous girl naturally at 6.41pm😍 She's only a very tiny 6lbs 6oz and the labour was a very painful 34 hour back to back labour, but so worth every minute of it. Hope your little one is here very soon if they haven't made an appearance already! Xx

Congrats! Pleased although u had a long labour all went well. Sweep didn't work 4 me however ended up going to labour ward 6am today as thought waters were leakinghowever they tell me it's something called leukorreha which is a really watery discharge πŸ˜₯ Partner and midwife thinks it's going to happen soon but I'm not sure! Congrats again on ur little girl, hope u r both doing well. Take care xx

HI I am also due April 28Th.. have you had a physio referral for your spd? It's awful I am suffering from sciatica pain .. I've had to leave work early I am a midwife myself 😬 Currently my heartburn is causing me havoc...

Hello, no mentioned it to midwife and she said it was normal and if it's gets worst she will refer me, but I am 1 of those people who will just put up with it, and if I am being honest over the last few days it's got a little better! I was suffering with heartburn too I put it down to the fact I was drinking 1/2 pint of orange juice first thing in the morning, but since I have been drinking it with my evening meal heartburn has also got better, I can't swallow tablets and any medicine will make me sick πŸ˜” So it's another thing I just live with lol, still will be worth it in the end! Is this ur first child? Do u know the sex?

Ps congrats on pregnancy! Best wishes Rebecca x

Hi Rebecca , yeah it's. Yes it's my first and it's a girl :-) what about you have you found out the sex?

Honestly keep an eye on your spd if it does get worse ask for a referral.. my heartburn and indigestion keeps me up most of the night 😒 Glad I have started my leave ..


Hiya, hope ur heartburns calmed down I think mine has! πŸ˜ƒ How r u? Any sign of that lil girl? Xx

Hi my waters broke last Sunday and then was induced 24 hours later and had her same day had a normal vaginally delivery with no pain relief got no stitches either

My little princess is already a week old..

how's your pregnancy going ?? Xx

Congrats!!! I'm so jealous I want to do it with no pain relief, but we will c. Pregnancy going well looks like we will be late though as due tomorrow but no sign yet πŸ˜₯ Tomorrow will phone midwife and make app for sweep Hopfully won't come to that. Going to see after my shower if sex will start things off! Pleased ur little girls here safe and sound! Xx

Hey good luck hope it does the trick but try walking rotating ur pelvis and stuff stay active at all times but don't exert yourself ... staying relaxed is the best way.. and hopefully u can have a natural delivery with minimal pain relief too and then soon you can meet your baby .. now I'm battling breastfeeding lol it's hard !!! And wanting my old body back xx

My first also, but keeping sex a suprise. However me and partner are quite confident that it's a girl-not long to wait now though!! Yeah will keep and eye on it got another midwife app in 3 weeks will c how I go until then! My heartburn doesn't really bother me a night, mind you I dont sleep! At least u have started your leave! Take care x

Hi congratulations. I am 33 (tomorrow) weeks pregnant with my 4th. Due 17th April but she is being born on the 4th due to her being big and me having gestational diabetes. I am on insulin injections which are not doing much at all. I am also hypothyroid and had many miscarriage before I realised it was this causing them. I have had SPD with every pregnancy and I really do sympathise. I have it this time but touch wood it's not as bad as in previous pregnancies(was put on crutches with my 3rd) but I also have a bad hip as was born with dislocated hips. Think its fair to say I am falling apart physically haha. Hang on in there not long to go now. I struggle to get to the bus stop up the road so know how bad it is. x

Congrats! Sorry to hear bout all ur pregnancy probs, will be worth it in the end! It's nice to chat to so many people who r due in April, as I went to antenatal a bit early although my hospital say to go between 30-32 weeks and everyone there was due in less than 6 weeks, mind u the class was so big that u couldn't really speak to anyone any way! To be honest I thought PGP was getting better but struggled again yestutrday, however did have to do the downstairs cleaning as I got family round today, maybe that made it painful again, still like u say not long now! Have a nice rest of the weekend. Will chat soon x

I'm 30 weeks due 3rd May. I know how you are feeling being stuck in all day, my partner and I moved from a 1 bedroom flat to a 3 bedroom house towards the end of July and within a week of moving in I had fallen pregnant. We had been trying for a year and a half, course the second we stopped trying and just went with the flow I fell. The house needed work head to toe so I left my job to get the house in order, the plan was to go back to after a few months. However, after some bleeding and cramping at 8 weeks I ended up staying at home. Feel fortunate have not had any issues, was getting horrible acid and excruciating pain in my ribs both of which had gone within a week of not wearing a bra TMI. Sorry you're having trouble getting out and about, have you tried to get onto hypno birthing classes, don't think it will help much with the pain but will give you the chance to get out. My midwife mentioned it to us at our booking in appointment can't remember if she said it was free on the NHS or just our area. Congrats on your pregnancy x

Hello congrats to u also! We also had been trying ages... Fell preg last Feb after trying for 5 years, sad to say though that pregnancy ended in April with a missed miscarriage, but in August fell again thank god for clear blue ovulation tests turns out we were going at it on all the wrong days! Sorry to hear about ur cramping and other issues thank god all is fine now! Haven't really heard about hypno classes and to be honest I am a very shy person and doing something like that is more likely to cause worry and anxiety! I thought pain was getting better but yesterday it came back however had to do downstairs cleaning, maybe that started it up again! Still won't be long now and will be so worth it! How's the house going? Do u know sex of baby? X

Aww 5 years is a long time you must have been so happy when you finally fell. Can't imagine how heartbreaking a miscarriage must have been, know how worried we were whilst waiting to be seen for a scan at 8 weeks. We never bothered with ovulation kits I didn't want to put any pressure on either of us but then I guess we hadn't been trying for too long really. Hypno birthing may be the best thing for you think it's supposed to help with anxiety make you feel in control. I enquired too late so it's all booked up in my area nearest class available to me is a 2 hour trip each way, know I should have enquired sooner as midwife said they're Β£200 a go but are being offered for free, ah well know for next time. If you think it's cleaning causing you more pain perfect reason to get other half to do it and enjoy some more r and r. Yeah think we are about there, there will always be things I'd like to do feels like home now though. Yeah we're having a boy x

I will look into it thanks! Pleased the house is about there, I want to tart up my place b4 baby comes and partner thinks I should do it sooner rather than later due to things becoming more difficult, which I kind of understand but I want everything 100% when baby comes, that's y I want 2 leave it to last minute whether I do we will have to wait and c lol. It's surprising how many people no what sex their baby is I have about 5 friends on here all due about the same time and 4/5 no what their having, I don't however, but some days I wish I'd asked as there is barely any unisex newborn clothes, still we have enough for 2 or 3 days after birth then we can go out and either buy pink or blue, everybody says that girls clothes r nicer but I have found at least 5 sleep suit/ body suits that r to die for and they r boy ones! X

Just my opinion but definitely better to do it sooner nothing better than going in little mans room and cooing over his things. You have to be careful with paint and gloss as well because of the fumes think you're supposed to have it all done so many weeks before baby is due. Partner was really keen to find out the sex don't remember being too worried just wanted him to be healthy. Wouldn't worry too much about newborn bits we've gone a bit OTT and now we are measuring smack bang on the line for him being big thinking we aren't gonna get any use out of the newborn things. I still think girls outfits are nicer but baby won't be in outfits too often I remember right from the start preferring boys sleepsuits and bodysuits guess I always knew x

True, we haven't got much newborn stuff I got outfit set for up to 1 month, and got a 3 pack set up to 3 months, so will only buy 1 more set up to 1 month, I am expecting 3 or 4 newborn sets to be brought for us by family! We have family coming down when I am 34 weeks going to get Pram then, so I might go shopping for house bits when I am 35 weeks when family have left, rather than leave it until 38/39 weeks! X

Don't get too much newborn stuff as baby will outgrow straight away. If baby is born a bit big it might never even fit!! My daughter wore newborn stuff mainly cause she lost a lot of weight in first two weeks, by week 3 it was all getting a bit too tight, so we mainly had 0-3

Hello sorry for late reply, been Pram shopping with family this weekend, I was thinking of buying 1 more newborn outfit however have decided to leave it as I think I will get about 3 or 4 newborn outfits from family when baby is born! Thanks 4 advice xx

am 31+4 days, will be induce end of April. Was trying to get pregnant for years now it happen am so happy, just wish i have women friends who is pregnant and due around my time, was happy to see your post we can share some of our symptoms :)

Sorry for late reply Pram shopping this weekend! Congrats on your pregnancy! How r u finding pregnancy? Do you know sex? It's suprising how many people are due end of April, since this post I know at least 6.! Best wishes xx

thanks for the congrats, yea its a girl my husband and I is very happy. Pregnancy have it up and downs but I think am coping fine, it almost over :) lol. For pram you getting neutral color being that you dont know what baby you having?

Yeah I wanted red on chrome however it was red on black which I didn't like as much, I loved both the pink and blue on chrome but didn't want to get either due to us not knowing all family said a girl in blue Pram wouldn't be too bad but I wasn't keen so ended up getting black on chrome, but I am not too worried about the colour as my mother in law brought it, and it's a travel system so I haven't even had to buy a car seat, so hasn't cost me so that's y colour wasn't important, partner thought black was boring but neither of us liked the red on black so it had to be black! But very pleased! Sometimes I wish we had found out sex but when it comes to the big expensive items I still would of brought neutral colours so I can use again with future babies (if I am lucky enough to have more)! Xx

I also like neutral colors in big items, my pram set is black and silver also if am lucky to get my boy lol not holding my breath thou. If you have a boy or girl just buy one of those decoration thing that goes on the pram to differentiate. :) xx

Getting a neutral colour is fairly wise ... if you have another one down the line it seems wasteful to buy a new one if its perfectly good!

true lady in shop said to buy rattles and bits, just to colour it up, so will prob get either blue or pink. your get your little man, dont worry!! best wishes x

awww thanks :) yea rattles would be a good to style it up.

everyone finish with their baby shopping? Everyday I say am finish these baby things dont stop tempting me lol

Hey how r u? How's pregnancy? Do u have a date yet for induction? Xx

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