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5 weeks and don't know what to do with myself!!!

Hi all,

So I'm new on here, I found out I was pregnant on Monday making me roughly 5 weeks. My husband and I have been trying for over a year and was starting to think it would never happen. Such a strange feeling now it has! You want something so badly for so long that when it happens you can't get too excited or shout it from the rooftops!

I am VERY impatient at the best of times and just cant wait 8 weeks to see if everything's o.k!! I am also a massive worrier so I'm trying my best to think positive and just be happy that I've conceived. I booked myself in for an early scan which hopefully will reassure me and stop me worrying a bit £60 well spent.

Not too many symptoms yet just lots of cramps and gas, as well as insomnia but I think thats down to a mix of excitement and anxiety!!

Anyone got any tips on how to cope with the wait????

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I found out when I was 1 week pregnant and I was exactly the same as you! Once you have digested the amazing news and calmed down a bit time will go quicker and you'll start to relax. It is very normal to worry though as I'm 19 weeks and I am now worried about my 20 week scan! I was worried about the 12 week scan and the 16 week heartbeat check! Good luck and congratulations :)


Hehe we are the same 😂 I am worried all the timeeeeeee


Congratulations. An early scan will be an internal one so prepare yourself for that. The best thing is get on with life as best you can as you will have lots of waiting to get on with during the whole process. Any other symptoms will start to appear in the next few weeks but gas is a nightmare sometimes and I had that at the beginning with my 2nd. It should keep you occupied if it gets worse or continues. The insomnia will likely be anxiety and excitement. If you are taking meds for anxiety, best to discuss this with your GP as they will advise you appropriately. Just don't paint the nursery yet or plan too much as you will get major pangs of doubt (which is totally normal) and it can send your anxiety sky high. However, Pintrest is an amazing place to waste time. Just take each day as it comes and it will soon be your early scan (they may not see alot in an early scan so don't expect alot on the screen, you do get great pics at 12 weeks though). Try meditation, gentle exercise, keep a notebook close for all those ideas and thoughts which need to be collected together and just feel excited. Also don't feel bad if you forget at random times. I still forget sometimes and I'm at 24 weeks with the 2nd!


Congratulations! I had an early private scan at about 10 weeks as I have had quite a few miscarriages it's absolutely amazing how much they develop from 10 to 12 weeks. I am always like yourself though just too excited and always do tell people before 12 weeks haha X


Ah I was exactly the same! I was even out of country in vacations so couldn't get the early scan! And I half died of anxiety waiting till the 12th week. And I am a paranoid person. So I still wasn't relaxed after 12. Cause every step of the the way it's sometimes new to worry about 😂

But if you are like most people you will feel so excited and happy after you see your baby in scan!

Good luck!


I know how you feel ... just found out im pregnant again this week (5 weeks today). My husband keeps on telling me to keep it quiet for now and I know its the sensible thing to do, but its so hard! My worry at the moment is how im going to cope with a baby and a 2 year old :S


Hi, congratulations to you both! It must be a surreal feeling after trying for so long!

I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago but ended up having to go for an early scan at 6 weeks due to bleeding and cramping! As someone else as said, it was a trans-viginal scan as an ultrasound wouldn't detect anything this early. However, at 6 weeks it was still too early to see anything other than the pregnancy sack and yolk sack - so we are having to wait a couple of weeks to go for another one! So don't be alarmed if this is all yours can see too!

Hope the scan goes well though and it reasssures you! X


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