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Positive test negative test

So I took a pregnancy test and it showed up positive , I took another one the next day and no line . And I'm also starting to feel crampy . Not sure what to think ?

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It could be a false positive .

Or it's still to early to get positive results each day .

In another 7 days you will know for sure and the worrying one way or another will be over

Best of luck

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Are You Getting Enough Folic Acid?


No not much


According To Some Research I Did, When I Thought I Was Pregnant, A Young Woman Should Be Getting 400 mcg - 600 mcg Folic Acid A Day, I Think mcg. You might Want To Google And Check That One Out. Sorry it took so long for Me To Get Back To You. I Hope All Is Well.


Just give it time. It's all you can do. If you're due your period and it hasn't arrived in a week or so, take another test. I used clearblue digital as they are far easier to use. Try to test in the morning also as your hormone levels will be easier for the test to pick up. If it's still a bit hit and miss then see your GP as there may be an underlying cause.


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