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Advice please??

Hi All,

I am a mum to an 11 year old and have had 2 miscarriages, one natural and one medically managed 2 years ago. I found out I was pregnant 4 weeks ago when I did a home test. I went to the doctors the following week who arranged an emergency scan, when I got to the hospital they didn't have my appointment so it was rescheduled for yesterday. I cant remember having a period over xmas (to be honest they are not regular) but I had written down that I had a period at the end of November. At my scan nothing was showing so they did an internal scan and found the sac but it looked empty so I have another scan in 2 weeks time. the doctor said it could be that it is just 4 weeks and therefore not yet showing, I have really sore boobs, a growing stomach 9 which is odd if I am only 4 weeks and I look pregnant!!) I am just looking for some reassurance if anyone has been through this before? I have no pains, have no bleeding, but I do have all the symptoms of pregnancy (as I say sore breasts, sickness, tiredness etc) so I am trying to stay positive! If everything is successful I will be due in October but as I can't seem to figure out when I had/should have had a period I just don't know. Any advice welcome and thank you in advance xx

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Congratulations on your pregnancy,I hope everything goes well for you and it's normal for your sac to be empty. It's too early for the Dr to see it but it sounds like your definitely pregnant


Thank you, you are the only person to respond on a number of forums I have written on, i just hope that everything goes smoothly this time, but thank you so much for responding


Hi it's called blighted Ovum sadly and I have been through the same and many other miscarriages. 7 in all. They can detect something in the sac this early as EPU scans a lot more sensitive than normal ultrasounds done on your tummy. It sadly isn't normal for it to be empty I am really sorry to say. They detected a heartbeat with one of mine at 5 weeks but then 2 weeks later it was gone. With blighted ovum you get all the same pregnancy hormones as the sack continues to grow empty so your body still thinks you are pregnant. I have had one of these. I hope I am wrong but just telling you from experience is usually isn't good news. Make sure when you are in a better place to get them to investigate your miscarriages and check all your hormone levels I found out I was hypothyroid and this was causing my miscarriages. I hope I am wrong and hopefully you will see a heartbeat at least on your next appointment. Good luck x


Since you don't have regular periods I would say there is some hope that it's just early days, in which case this would be normal.

At this moment there is not much that you can do but wait for the next scan, because unfortunately as you know things don't always work out how you want.

Hoping and praying for you x


I wouldn't look at it quite so negatively just yet (not meant in a rude way to the poster above!).

When I was pregnant with my first, I had a bleed around 6 weeks and went to hospital for an internal scan and all they could see was a sac. As it was early days they said it could just be too early to be able to see anything else and asked me to come back 2 weeks later, same as you. This was a very much planned pregnancy and the wait was tough, but two weeks later when I went back there was a tiny being in there and a good heart beat, and this is now my 3 year old. So for me it had just been too early to see anything other than the sac.

Seeing as you don't have regular periods, it might well be that it is the same for you and when you return in a couple of weeks there is a heartbeat to be seen. If this is what you are hoping for, don't give up just yet :-)


I have my scan today and am so scared had no bleeds, my boobs are even more sore and am bloated so am hoping all of that is still a good sign fingers crossed!!


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