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hi there im a newbie....

im excited confused/scared :( i have suspected pcos... been trying for a family for like 4-5 years. im a week late. i did two pregnancy tests one came back positive and one negative. ive had pinkish/brown discharge for two days and light cramping and im seriously tired and napping during the day.

ive never spotted in my life :)

im hoping im pregnant

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Well it sounds like you might be! Relax and enjoy the feeling of "maybe" - being calmly joyuous and resting aplenty I believe are the best things you can do right now. And let us know how you're getting on!


I'm trying to relax hahaha as for sleep well I havnt been sleeping properly for a week :( don't know why x

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Don't get stress ...just calm down and feel happy about it..don't think too much about cramping or pinkish discharge..keep yourself healthy by taking more folic acid from veges and pregnancy pills. Good luck ^^

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