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Approx 8 Weeks - Bleeding

Hi all,

Hoping someone might be able to help.

I found out I was pregnant last week (my first). I was diagnosed with PCOS last year and have very irregular periods so I am a maximum of 8 weeks)

Over the last week I've had mild cramping and some v.light brown spotting. But this morning I woke up to some red spotting and drops of blood when I went to the toilet.

I have my first midwife appointment next Monday (not at my normal surgery as they couldn't fit me in for another month).

Should I be worried and should I be calling my doctors to try and see someone before Monday?

Thanks in advance! X

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Hi there. It's really difficult to say as each lady is different. I had spotting with both of my boys but not my girls. If it becomes heavy then that's not good but with my third child I did get a bit of red blood then it went back to the light brown. I would say if you feel concerned go and see your Gp who will refer you to the early pregnancy unit for a scan. I did both times. x

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I think anytime you have questions or concerns yes call .

No matter how silly you are afraid the question Is .

Who cares what they think about calling with concerns all the time.

They should get why you are concerned.

I have heard ppl have those signs and musscarry but I've also known a few to have small periods every month or even get bleeding in the middle

I'm just saying it may be something wrong but if it is there is most likely nothing that can stop it.

If it's just a thing your body does then that's all it is .

So calling dr would not hurt

If it doesn't hurt to do something then why not do it ?

No harm will come .

And it may ease your worry

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Thanks both - I ended up calling as the pain got worse yesterday! The doctor has booked me in for an early scan tomorrow! I've woken up today with no pain and no blood though so we'll just have to see how it goes tomorrow! X

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Good luck hopefully will be good news.x

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Your body is just probably stretching and creating enough space for the tiny Miracle growing inside of you. Stay off your feet as much as possible get several pillows and elevate your feet slightly above your heart period this will increase the blood flow in your uterus! Red raspberry tea is the perfect antidote 4A natural bleeding period you can find the information and books which contain that your remedies period very very very is good for women's reproductive organ health. Good luck!


Hello! I have experienced bleeding during pregnancy. Elevate your feet slightly above your heart period this will increase blood flow in the uterus. Do as little as possible. Allow someone else to take over the house work this is very important! Go to the grocery store and by a box of Celestial Seasons red raspberry tea period red raspberry is very good for female organ health. It can also help to stop the bleeding. When I was pregnant with my son the placenta had not attached itself securely to my uterus. Thus there was a chance that I would miscarry. I stayed off of my feet and kept them elevated on pillows period eventually the bleeding stopped and My Placenta attached itself and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy! This is an excellent time to take up crocheting or knitting and start making special handmade items for your baby. This will keep your mind and hands busy and make it easier for you to stay put! Good luck and God bless you! Try not to worry everything will be just fine!


Yes go the emergency room right away and let them evaluate you immediately! When you get home do not do any house cleaning definitely do not vacuum and do not lift anything heavy get lots of rest and elevate your feet on pillows and this will increase the blood circulation in your womb. Try to stay hydrated and do not allow yourself to get stressed out or become upset for any reason. Take care


Adrienne 112


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