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Pregnancy Backache

I'm just over 14 weeks pregnant, and over the last couple of days I've started to develop backache, which I understand is perfectly normal!

I am, however, at a stage where I am struggling to stand up, walk or wipe my own arse (excuse the vulgarity, but I couldn't really think of a polite way to put it!) and I'm pretty sure that that cannot be normal? Will it go away or am I going to be stuck like this for the next 6 months?

I've not done anything out of the usual that would have caused this. My partner says I should go to the doctors, but I just can't bring myself to waste a doctors time because I'm pregnant and have backache.


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Pregnancy can cause back ache but it usually not until later. It really is worth going to your doctor as you could have a bad water infection or something. Or may have pulled a ligament. It shouldn't cause that much pain and for me back ache was a bad sign. Not saying it is for you but worth getting it checked out. A doctor won't think you are wasting their time x

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I had backaches in my fifth month .

Baby was sitting on a nerve but if went away I a few weeks

Yes yes yes

Check with dr


I'm going to assume that you had a scan recently and all was fine with baby so it's possible that you have/had a kidney infection. Best check in with a GP for any niggle in pregnancy as even a small thing might be worth a visit.


Hello how's the back? Did u go to docs? X


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