Feeling worried πŸ˜“

Hi, l m 14 weeks pregnant l had a hard first threeisemeser πŸ˜₯l m feeling worry as l m vomiting once in 2 or 3 days and in different moments of the day my pulse start to be faster and l feel very bad except this l dont know if l have to do the screening and blood analysis for down syndrome this is my first pregnancy my husband doesn't want to do it pls tell me what do you think will be very helpful xxx


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  • I understand completely how you feel sweetheart. I threw up almost everything I ate and drank between 8 weeks and 22 weeks and it was horrible! Morning sickness is normal but if you cannot keep food/liquids down or it's becoming unbearable then speak to your doctor and they may be able to put you on some anti sickness medicines to help. As for the screening tests you don't have to have them if you do not wish to. It is completely your choice whether your baby is screened xxx

  • Thanks a lot for your reply hun is really helpful for me, l hope u feeling better now, l wish you all the best πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜Š!

  • Get some real ginger root and suck it .

    It's not a great taste but it knocks out nausea

  • Thanks a lot hun will try that l also got some mint tea hopefully will help xx

  • Hello dear!

    I hope your travels by plane were good!

    I am now 22 weeks and traveled 3 days ago ✈️ for 2,5h - had not notice anything different! Had babies sitting on both sides of me :) and one in my tummy 😍

    I was nauseous and vomited occasionally from week 8-16. I am a healthy person so those weeks were the most unbearable weeks in my life. It was not easy also not knowing when it will stop 😒 I was most of that time in bed recovering. There were 3 days I had no food, no liquid (as I was throwing up if I had anything) so I went to see the GP - he check my urine, there were ketones in it but nothing more suspicious. He gave me anti sickness tablets (8 pills £8) and they seam to help me to keep things down for 4 days and then the sicknes naturally worn off! I was not pressured to take any medication- I just wanted some food to stay in me so baby can benefit from it, and was fed up feeling sick.

    It stopped on week 16, I started to put on weight and baby's flutters started so I was over the moon!

    Be patient and it will get better!

    About screening - I have a friend who is 13 weeks now and she refused any of those 3 tests and also refused to have 12 week scan as there's no much point of it as she tried for this baby for so long that now she got it and wants it no matter what and saw it as an extra worry.

    Me- I had those tests done but I did it because I am a first time mum at 34, and very curious and I knew it won't hurt baby: so why not. I think it's up to you what ever you decide, what ever puts your mind at ease (though the baby can be perfectly fine but the results can come back doubting so that can make some people worried!) My tests came back all great so I felt a great relief.

    Good luck with whatever you'll decide!x

  • Oh hello babe, l m so happy for u and for all this good news.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β˜ΊπŸ™‚ Actually l haven't travelled yet as l was waiting to be 14 weeks l will be travelling in 4 days and hopefully everything will be ok πŸ™l have start to worry as l havent vomit very often during first weeks just 4 times between week 6and 8 but at week 12 and 13 l started again and except this l fall down once in the toilet vomiting l guess l was unconscious for some min and l was alone home thanks god l got up by myself. This days in some moments my heartbeats are very fast and l feel very dizzy 😡 also l feel very hungry every moment, if l dont eat well before l go to bed l wake up in the middle of the night with empty feeling stomach which is horrible, l decided to dont do the screening test as my husband didn't want. l have been a healthy person, l m only 22 and we dont have any person with abnormalities in our familys . l did my first scan at 12 weeks in a private clinic and everything was ok, l saw the baby moving and the heartbit which was very excited for both of us. So Waiting forward to go back home and praying that l will be better 😊 pls tell me what do u think as is very helpful and thanks so much for sharing your experience with me 😘😘😘😘xxx

  • You're more than welcome! I love this site as it gives us reassurance that everything is ok, that other people had similar experience and gives us confidence :)

    I wish you a safe and pleasant flight! Before my flight I went to Boots and bought flight socks (~Β£13) it helps to not to get blood clots. Also I drunk lots of water during the flight. Other than that I was doing my normal things (had a big backpack and a 20kg luggage which I carried to first floor πŸ˜” )

    As I am at home - I plan to go privately to see a ginecologist and will do extra tests (one of them will be group B streptococcus (GBS) and second trimester blood test, however, I know it can change in last weeks of pregnancy)

    As I said - I am very curious and I like seeing doctors and doing tests as long they don't carry a risk for baby.

    Stay positive and everything will turn out just right! 😊 x

  • That's nice of u hun,l have been reading a lot ,l have those travel wristbands and l definitely will buy the socks that u saying (thanks) as son as l go back home l will also do some tests and scan that are nessesary .l m sorry that u had to carry that heavy luggage . l totally agree with u about how helpful is this site ..l wish u all the best and hope u having a good time back home xxx

  • I know it's hard hun. With my second child I had all day sickness all through my pregnancy. I didn't have any anti sickness pills but it's every woman's choice, don't feel pressured. He was a very healthy almost nine pounds when he was born and the first thing I had when I got home was a Chinese takeaway, it tasted so good! X

  • Aww hello sweety, your baby is very cute😘😘😊thanks a lot for your reply, this is my first pregnancy and has been really hard actually, l m scared as l dont know if this simptoms are normal and l get anxious for very little things, l thought pregnancy was a lot easier , now l understand what we womens go through. I haven't taken any pills till now exept pregnantcare vitamins hopefully everything will be better in the coming days xxxx

  • All will be fine I'm sure. If you are ever worried through the pregnancy don't hesitate to talk to your midwife, that's what they are there for. Try to relax and enjoy this amazing experience of your little one x

  • Thanks for your kind words, l m a bit sceptic about midwifes or doctors actually as l have the impression that here in uk (london) they have overpopulation and lots of babys get born in a week a lot of people are saying that if u are before 12 weeks the doctors try to harm your baby to cause miscarriage this makes it more scary πŸ™ pls tell me what do u think?

  • That is absolutely ridiculous! I have had nothing but good experiences from UK midwives and have total respect for them

  • Thanks for your reply that such a relief for me honestly, especially when is first experience it makes me feel positive and believe on them πŸ™‚πŸ˜

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