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6 weeks 2 days pregnant


Hi girls i had a miscarriage in october so roughly 4 months ago so i might be just over thinking but i was wondering can wind cause alot of pain like wanting to vomit pain? I had pain all the way up my right side and i was very tight through that area? Has anyone else expierenced that? Or should i be worried its been another miscarrige no bleeding at this stage help!!!

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Congratulations ☺. I have had trapped wind this pregnancy and in my last and it can be painful. I would speak to your GP if it is hurting to the point of making yoy sick. Just to make sure all is well.

Sissyloo96 in reply to KellyTrip

Thankyou i went and seen my doctor today and he said its due to constipation and a uti baby seems to be doing ok :)

KellyTrip in reply to Sissyloo96

Ah that's good news. Not that you have a uti and constipation but it's a small price to pay for baby being well 😉

Hia, wind and constipation can cause a lot of pain. Some women think they are in labour and it's just wind.

I remember when I was about 7 weeks pregnant with my son being woken at night with awful pain in my stomach - I was bent in two on the bathroom floor. Thought I was having an ectopic or something. Went and got checked and they asked about bowel movements. I told her I was constipated and she said that can cause a lot of pain. Sure enough I pooped and started eating prunes and the pain disappeared.

Having said this I know you don't want to over react to things, but listen to your instincts. Myself and husband have suffered two miscarriages and each time I knew things were off.

Really hope all works out for you and you just need a poop. But dont feel shy about getting checked out - it's what drs and EPU are there for!

Good luck!

Completely normal hope youre feeling a bit better soon. Good luck with your pregnancy

Sissyloo96 in reply to Jjamie91


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