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Worn out

Went for my 36 week check today x baby has turned head down at long last but not engaged x filled out my home birth form now waiting to see when baby will come x so tired all the time 😢 really struggling x had 2 early births and 1 late birth go pin this 1 will be early as being so I'll and now have urine infection for the 5th time 😢 anyone else struggling?

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I hope you feel better soon and hopefully you dont have too long to go now. I had an Urinary infection with my previous pregnancy and it was a difficult time. Im only 10 weeks and have been struggling too and feeling really ill. It does get tough doesnt it, especially when you are exhausted and have other children to look after aswell. Wish you good luck and hang in there, you have got this far xx


Thank you hun xx hope you feel better soon xxx


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