had my baby but there are problems

ok so I have not posted in a while, my last post was about having to have a c section for a few reasons, well anyway I went in to natural labour on the 5th jan, when I arrived at the hospital I was 9cm dilated and baby's head was in the birth canal, well anyway it still ended in emergency c section as that was the plan, well my little girl had jaundice so they did a test to see how bad it was and the jaundice was not what worried the doctors, her gas levels specifically her carbon dioxide levels were high so they kept her in hospital for 2 weeks on oxygen, she has been referred to the specialist as levels are not improving, although I am home with her now she has to be closely monitored so I am barely sleeping, she has to go back to hospital this Friday to do a sleep study over night to check her breathing and do another lung x ray and scan on her heart ( her heart has always been fine in previous scan and ecg test ) and her lung x ray was normal, they said with her results she should be quite a ill baby, she apparently should not be waking for feeds and shouldn't be feeding or have wet and dirty nappies but she does, looking at her behaviour she acts like a normal baby, they are confused by her to say the least, anyway sorry for long post was just wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge of this?

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Sorry to hear you've had such a tough time - emotionally and for baby.

I can't offer you any advice but just want ted to let you know that i'm thinking of you. Sending you a big hug xxx


Why would her carbon dioxide levels be high is that associated with Asthma? I've never heard of that but my 2nd child had Asthma. Also severe eczema as a baby and he grew out of both. Sorry you are having such a tough time. I hope she is gonna be OK. It sounds like they are monitoring her well. All three of my babies had jaundice and they did nothing about it x


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