5 weeks and bleeding need help

5 weeks pregnant well I had a tube reversal and 6 months later I'm 5 weeks pregnant everything was fine until I went to get a ultrasound pelvis ultrasound and I started bleeding I had a little bit of cramping but not much two days later I'm still bleeding and having a little bit of clots I'm really stressed on what's going on with my body and my baby can somebody please help

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Not really sure what's happening, have you been to hospital or doctors? Sorry can't be of much help, just wanted to send you my best wishes. Becca x


How are you love? Did you get checked?


Just stay off of your feet as much as possible get you some really plush pillows and elevate your feet slightly above your heart. This will help to increase circulation in the uterus. Also drink red raspberry tea because it is good for female reproductive organ help. I have this problem and each one of my pregnancies period but the red raspberry herbal tea help stop the bleeding and elevating my feet allowed the placenta to properly attach itself to my uterine wall. Good luck!


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