14 weeks and having pains

Hi All,

As always I'm hoping you can give me some advice!

I'm 14 weeks pregnant today and am having some pains in my pelvis/stomach. Some are quite sharp, I've also had backache but that seems to have gone since I had a bath.

I'm not having any bleeding or odd discharge.

This is my first pregnancy and I am nervous and overreact at everything!!!

Thanks in advance xx

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Hi I would advise getting it checked out just to be on the safe side. You do get stretching pains at around this time but you shouldn't have backache this early. It could be absolutely nothing but speak to your midwife. They could send you for a scan just to make sure x


Hi Leighw92,

In my first pregnancy I also had mild menstrual type pains, I think they are part of the expected symptoms during pregnancy, as long as there is no bleeding. Anyway, if you have doubts confirm with your midwife

Hope everything goes well :)


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