After ectopic pregnancy surgery!


Was just wondering if anyone could share how they were feeling after ectopic, pain wise etc,

I had my tube and pregnancy removed on the 4th of january 2017, i have pain in lower left side i have lots of clear discharge?

How long did u get told to wait till you try conceive ?

Has anyone experianced a high heart rate after wards? My heart rate is between 70 and 120 in general 120 is really high for a 20 year old, im normally healthy never experianced any problems till after surgery.

Any advice would be brilliant.


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If your heart rate is indeed 120

You need to see your gp. Your right to day it's not normal (it wouldn't be even for a 90 year old) but it could be driven by anxiety, which seems to be an issue, it could also be related to the operation, hence why you see your gp. Clear discharge is normal.

As for pain are you using regular pain killers? Pain is fairly normal after an operation but it should start getting better at this point.


Thanks for reply, its been down at 90bpm alot just wrote 120 because thats the highest in the last few days. gp isnt concerned about it, last week i was at the gp and it was at 139 and he sent me to the hosp for an expected blood clot i never had due to pain in my ribs but i walked to the hospital they never provided transport or anything,

Last night me and my fiancee were out for dinner at a restraunt, a felt fine, but just all of a sudden had to go to the toilet because i felt as if my heart was going to fast and pumping to fast, could this be anxiety?


I forgot to say my rught tube was removed now i have pain on the left side x


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