6 weeks and 41

Hi all, I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I'm worried as I'm 41 (my partner is 32) I've had a few cramps over the last few days but no bleeding, I've read it's normal but still worry, my youngest is 10 so it's been a while lol also I have a 19 year old who told me she is 7 weeks pregnant, all the family are really worried about her as she's had mental health issues so now I'm worried how I'm going to tell everyone I'm pregnant too, could really do with so advise and reassurance please xxx

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I won't be much of a help as I don't have experience in such situations, however, I think that babies are blessings and how lovely : your youngest child and grandchild will be growing up like twins!

My dad and mum got divorced when my oldest sister was 19 and fathers second wife and my sister both had babies at nearly the same time. I am a bit jealous as my niece has closer relationship with my half brother than I do (because of big age gap and me traveling around the world and never being back home) - but I love him dearly!

Maybe you can look at it as a gift to your daughter - you'll be there for her as she will go through the same things at the same time! I wish I had a family member with who I could talk about everything what's happening right now with me (well - I do, but for everyone it was ages ago and no one really remembers how exactly it was. So glad for this website as I have made few girlfriends here that we discuss all our worries and changes)

So: you're a blessing to your daughter- someone to go through the pregnancy and later baby stage, baby play dates!

Don't be scared to tell people! Babies are one of the most natural things in the world! ❤️

Good luck!x


Thankyou for you're reply such a lovely message too 😊 my daughter and I are quite so you're right it will be nice to share our experiences together.she's had a bit of a rough time and I've always been there to help and support her and it will be pretty amazing for our children to grow up together, I've told my daughter I'm pregnant and she has said she's happy if I'm happy the thing I'm worried about is my own parents, I know maybe that sounds a bit daft especially as I'm 41 but I'm just not sure how they will react even more so as they are worrying about my daughter xxx


You're welcome 😊

I am so glad to hear that your daughter took it well!

I am the same as you- I worry and over think most of things, get scared. I always try to find the right time to tell things, but one thing I learned: for most things there's no right time- they just need to come out! The parents reaction will be what it will be, but this is your life, your body, your baby and you're going through this and not them!

Be strong and spit the beans out so you can have peace on your mind and can enjoy this precious time that's given to you!

Be brave!

As you have probably seen in your own life: things have a wonderful way of sorting themselves out just the right way! ☀️



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