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Less movement and strong period pains

I'm 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and for the last week I've been getting really reduced movement, I'll feel her move in the morning a little but then for the rest of the day nothing. I've been to the hospital and have been monitored and they said she's fine and that because I have an anterior placenta that's why I can't feel her kicking. I also keep getting really strong period like pains, they aren't regular or close together but they are very strong, I also keep getting small amounts of white discharge is this normal? Any suggestions what this means or anything I can do to help?

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Were you feeling regular movements last week? Were you having the period like cramps when you went into hospital? How many times have you been to the hospital?

Reduced fetal movements are serious and should not be dismissed. You should attend the hospital whenever you are worried about your baby's movements, however many times that may be. The monitoring you have at the hospital can only tell you how your baby is when it is attached to you. As soon as it is removed the only way for you or the professionals to know your baby is okay is by you feeling your baby move. If you're not feeling your baby move get it checked out again.

The white discharge is perfectly normal. Changes in vaginal discharge are common throughout pregnancy and are caused by the changes in your hormones. However, if your discharge becomes as thin as water, smells offensive or changes to green/brown/red you should attend the hospital for them to review you. It is often the case that when they perform a speculum the discharge has passed and there is no evidence of what you've seen so I'd recommend taking in any pads or underwear that have the discharge on them.

Hope this helps


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